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Thread inspired by the TV show "Dual Survival".

Basically two guys, a military trained sniper and a minimalist survivalist work their way out of tricky situations, like Bear Grylls or that other guy that started the whole TV genre and gets no love.

Anybody ever thought about "going off the grid" and being a wild man / woman?

I would love to hit up the Pacific NW and be an animal in theory, not sure how much I'd miss creature comforts though.






Yeah they are a good match and actually show some useful tactics.

Grylis is entertaining, but I think he does a disservice to survivalists. He gets wet on purpose nearly every episode and hypothermia is the #1 killer.


And I think his whole premise is just to get naked and drink his own piss.

So how about actually living like Cody?



The only good things about Grylls are the drinking piss memes dedicated to him.


Les Stroud, that's him!


I can tell you how much: a whole hell of a lot.

People romanticize this idea of going out into the wild and surviving like "surviving" just means living outdoors. Survival is shitty. There was a national geographic piece called "Alone in the Wilderness" where a guy went to the Yukon and tried to survive for 90 days. After 50 days his heart beat was so low and his mental state so poor he had to be rescued.

What do you consider to be a "wild person"? Would you bring a gun? Tools to build a shelter? Or would you go out with nothing but your knowledge and try to build everything you need? Because that would suck, and if you bring all that shit then really you just playing "wild man" and not being one, right?

It might be fun to do if you know you have a way out. One of my dad's buddies and other guys go out into the wild with minimal gear (they have certain rules but I don't remember them) and they agree to meet up in a specific numbers of days and see who "survived" the best. That sounds like a good time but that's hardly survival.


I would play wild man. Guns, clothes, some beef jerky to get started, fishing tackle and maybe a saw.


I mean "Alone in the Wild", not wildnerness


There was a documentary called something similar to "Alone in the Wild", filmed back in the 70's I think, about a guy who built a log cabin for himself in a very remote area of Alaska.

As I recall, he did very well for himself. Looked downright comfortable, actually.


Would be awesome. Just need a woman of course.


Yeah that is "Alone in the Wilderness"

That man looked like he had some serious skills. There's a 10 min video clip on youtube showing him build the log cabin.


We didn't come this far just to go back to the stone ages for kicks. If I'm roughing it for longer than a weekend, there better be a cash prize upon my return.


Les Stroud kicks ass! I've seen every episode


But when did advancement become "slave to the grind"?


ID-- Stroud also plays one bad ass harmonica.


Read "Into the Wild".

Or just spend one night in winter outdoors with nothing but the shirt on you back. That should satisfy your curiosity.

When I was about 15 I ran away to teach my parents a lesson. Being a dumbass teen I figured they would have the national guard out looking for me so I headed to the woods and hid out. It was around this time of year, not to cold (mid 40-50, but not summer either. I actually lasted about eight hours before boredom, hunger and general discomfort drove me back home.

My dad didn't do shit. Didn't look for me, didn't yell or kick my ass. He just told me next to be sure that's what I wanted to do because he would be changing the locks.

I have spent my whole life in the woods and on the water in Michigan including winter backpacking and hunting all day. Big difference between being prepared for it like camping and true unprepared roughing it.




I agree it would be stupid to be unprepared. And I'm pretty outdoorsy myself though heat is a bigger concern then cold for me.

Even cave men were "prepared" with tools, weapons, adequate clothing and shelter. I don't think it would be fun to be dropped off nude on a glacier in a remote northern mountain range.

But living off the land, in the wilderness like the aformentioned Alaskan documentary would be pretty sweet. With a woman.

I know more dudes have to feel it.


^First to die on 2012 Armageddon Day after all electricity goes off.