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Causes of Low E2?

I’ve noticed that my E2 sits at 20, sometimes lower. Wondering if this contributes to some mood issues.

Either way, what can cause low E2? Low bodyfat? I am not on TRT, and TT is around 450-550.

Sounds like your ratio is right about where it needs to be. As T naturally rises and falls (when not on TRT) so does E2.


Low testosterone can lead to low E2. Your SHBG value is an important factor, like how much E2 is free and if SHBG is high, then not much would be free.

Hormones aren’t always the cause for mood problems.

I agree with @NH_Watts. But yes bodyfat does come into play and also everyone has differences in aromatizing enzymes in their body or how their body metabolizes the various hormones.

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Thanks guys.

@systemlord - trying to rule out hormones in some self control/anger issues before exhausting myself trying to fix other causes

I have had to deal with issues like this myself. My doc has recomended doing a DNA test like what ancestry and 23andme do, and he can send it somewhere else and determine if I have certain gene’s that can cause it. He said he personally had a problem with it and doing that he found what he called a warrior gene that he has and certain vitamins and supplements keep it in check. I can’t vouch for it as I haven’t done it but something you could possibly look into.