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Causes for High E2 and Low T

20yo male. Symptoms of low t and hyperthyroidism. No morning wood, mild ed, low libido, sweating, and anxiety.

Salivary Steroids:
Cortisol - 9.2 (3.7-9.5 ng/mL (morning)
Cortisol - 2.5 (1.2-3.0 ng/mL (noon)
Cortisol - 2.8 H (0.6-1.9 ng/mL (evening)
Cortisol - 0.7 (0.4-1.0 ng/mL (night)

Blood Spot Steroids:
Estradiol - 69 H (12-56 pg/mL)
Progesterone - 1.0 H (<0.1-0.8 ng/mL)
Testosterone - 437 (400-1200 ng/dL (Age Dependent)
Ratio: T/SHBG - 0.5 L (.7 - 1.0)
SHBG - 28 (15-50 nmol/L)
DHEAS - 184 (70-325 µg/dL)

Blood Spot Thyroids:
Free T4 - 1.5 (0.7-2.5 ng/dL)
Free T3 - 4.4 (2.4-4.2 pg/mL)
TSH - 2.6 (0.5-3.0 µU/mL)
TPOab - 22 (0-150 IU/mL (70-150 borderline)

Prior AAS use? I know that sometimes tumors can produce estrogen.

None. Hopefully not a tumor. Maybe just a downward e2 spiral

And you are currently NOT on TRT, correct? Your Test is on the low end. Are you overweight? Any liver damage, the liver flushes out estrogen.

No TRT. I’m 20yo male 6’1" 195lbs. Very minimal alcohol use, never even been drunk, so I wouldn’t think my liver is fucked up.

Medications can cause the liver not to metabolize estrogen, and in turn it will build up in your blood. Meds?

I take some supps but not an any prescriptions. I had a couple month benzo/opiate binge about a year ago but haven’t touched them since and the problem only occurred recently.

28 year benzo user here (2mg daily), was told by doctor to stop taking Klonopin, descent into hell soon followed. A month after I started withdrawing is when my testosterone started plummeting, these medications stress out all the glands in your body and can wreck havoc on your hormones for at least 18 months after your last dose. Was told by my second endo that I shouldn’t have been given TRT until at least 18 months, this is how long it takes to reverse the damage caused by the benzos. Your testosterone should be double what is now.

Yeah I don’t plan on messing with them anymore but it just started recently. I’ve never really had problems getting it up or long back to back sessions with my gf until it happened once probably just stressed out and I’ve been fucked up ever since. Looking back though even before that incident I never really got morning wood which is what led me to get tested

Get your other liver values tested.