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Cause of Male Baldness Found



Interesting. Even if I could grow my hair back, I'd shave it anyway. I've shaved it when I had a full head of hair since 18 (and dealing with being called a skinhead in those days) and will continue shaving it in the foreseeable future. But it's definitely good news for those who think going bald is the end of the world.


Everyone knows it's teh roidz. Every bald man is currently on teh roidz. Also every angry man. And every man bigger than me.

Serially though, that's pretty interesting. And the solution seems to be... stem cells! Is there anything they can't do?

Also, "Until now it has been unclear what the exact cause of male pattern baldness is, but experts believe the male hormone testosterone is involved and baldness also tends to run in families." lol no shit.


Within a decade, I think this issue will be resolved to a much more satisfying degree than hair transplants.


I had heard something about testosterone being involved before. From now on, that is my excuse as to why my hairline is receding. I have too much testosterone pumping through me. I'm too much of a badass mofo hahaha.


DHT and women are the real causes


Now if they were able to regrow hair in the inner ear canals too that would be awesome.


This. We're going to have a generation of deaf kids at 40 because of ear buds.

...I'll be one of them.


Well i was more referring to the balance/equilibrium center because that is fucked up in mine, but what you said too. Although i think they would put more time into the baldness thing because a lot of men would pay for it. It's all about the money!!


Don't hold your breath boys just because they "think" they know why people become bald doesn't mean that there is going to be a cure any time soon.


Within 10 years bro, it will be a done deal.


I heard that 10 years ago. Why would a drug company make such a product when it would end the Rogaine gravy train?


There is no profit to be made on Rogaine anymore. The patent has expired, you can buy a 6 month supply at Costco for $18. It's almost free.

Same thing with Propecia, you can buy a 6 month supply for $75 from Canada, India, or some other country.


I didn't know that Maximus. In that case there probably will be something new coming on the horizon.


Here's the cause of male boldness.


And here's the cure for male boldness.




Cheers to that one!