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Cause of Hunger

Hey peeps, just wanted your thoughts on this. Do you think hunger is caused by low caloric intake or low blood sugar?

Are you referring Deters’ comment in the SWIS article this week at T-mag? I think it’s both.

Don’t forget environmental cues, learned behaviors, time of day, mental desires, emotions, leptin, neuropeptide-Y and several other hormones. Hunger is one of the most complex topics to discuss and trying to tie the cause down to one thing is not going to happen.

Hunger is a very complex topic, and just restricting it to glucostatic theory or calorie intake is really selling the topic short. The truth is that there is a variety of things (external cues, internal cues, time of day, taste of food, hormonal levels, etc…) that influence hunger. If your on a college campus try to access one of Petri’s books on motivation. There is a comprehensive explanation of the variety of cues for hunger found there.

Well said, buddy. As I recall, we had a pretty good series of emails on this very topic last spring as I desperately tried to prove an ignorant psych professor wrong. Although I won the argument, I (like everyone else) wish I knew the “true” answer (if there really is one).

Thanx everyone, now I feel like a 1 legged man in an ass kicking contest