Cause of High Prolactin Levels?

So i dont know where to ask this… been always been natty and recently got some hormones blood work and found high prolactin levels. Ive worked hard 5 years in the gym (last 2 powerlifting) and focused on good nutrition.
Never been super strong, moderate pubertal gyno, always felt lazy and need more than 8 hours of sleep to not feel like crap, muscle mass increase has been very slow, trouble to gain good weight, moderate sex drive (but never been able to finish and start again right away for 2nd round,have to wait at least 1-2 hours to get some sex drive back)
Im actually 175cm x 76kg.
I gotta be checked for prolactinoma but the endo said probably will get on cabergoline.
Can high prolactin be the cause of all my symptoms? What should i expect from caber use?
Thanks everyone

Caber will lower prolactin and LH/FSH suppression by prolactin should resolve.

Caber will increase dopamine which lowers prolactin and should have a good effect on your mood. But mood also subject to effects of T, estrogens and thyroid status.

You should not create multiple threads for your TRT case as this creates a mess of duplication and people will give up if they need to search for other threads to make intelligent responses.

You did not post prolactin results and range here.

Prolactin is released by these which need to be avoided for a few days prior to labs:

  • orgasm
  • cuddling {babies | puppies | kittens}

Prolactin and estrogens contribute to gyno.