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Caught !!!


What is a good way to not get caught buying steroids? I've done tons of research online and people on this site have even PM'ed me saying they can get the gear i'm looking for. How do you know you're not getting sold fakes? or just getting taken all together or worst yet arrested??? Any ways to go about having them shipped or suggestions would be appreciated.


Well don't place a a huge order to begin with, start w/ something small that way if you're getting taken your not out too way. If it's shipped domestic you don't really have anything worried about if your scared about being caught.


so I could order from a domestic source and have them delivered right to my door step with no problems or worries?


I do


For orals, go with paper products from a reputable cat. Your chance of getting caught will be nil.

For injectables, I don't have sufficient experience to advise you (yet).


The chances of feds setting a sting for a small delivery are slim and none. Most likely they will not even look into the international package, and if they look into it they will send you a seizure notice. The chances of them setting a sting for you to pick up $200 worth of gear are slim and none. Now, getting a good domestic source is actually difficult, so good luck with that.

Do some research, i.e. searches on the source you plan to buy from. Google them and see what happens. You will find forums where people have spoken about them. Make your conclusion.

The advice given thus far is spot on. There is no way to tell if what you receive is real, and no way to tell if it is a scam from the beginning.

Consensus among people is not to buy with a credit card. Only use sites that use western uinion/ money gram.

Another bit of advice I would give you is to mark the package in black marker when you receive it.....NOT MINE....RETURN TO SENDER...NEVER ORDERED THIS....DOES NOT LIVE HERE, etc.

At least it makes it more difficult to use as evidence.

Here are some scammer lists for your reference:






Agreed. There's no way to check the domestic stuff. Busts like the Florida thing are multi million dollar operations from largers labs. There just isn't the man power and resources for them to be tracking my $300 order. For better or worse I always only order one cycle's worth of stuff at a time. Many vendors off bulk discounts and you save some $$ though.

As far as difficulty finding a quality domestic source I'd say no it is not hard, considering how easily I hooked up with my own.