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Caught Staring at GoGo dancer in club


So I was having this awesome date with my beautiful girlfriend, we had sushi, we went to this bar that her friend owns. We were then invited out by my friends because it was one of their bdays. So we show up to this club, I wasn't really feeling it because I was driving and I had already sobered up once that night, my women was drinking all along. Well I started drinking and then some gogo girls get up on the DJ's stage and one of them was dancing sooo sultry and her butt was sooo nice and I proceeded to stare...

I guess I did this half the night and i immediately turned around once I got caught and looked the opposite direction. My girlfriend, who's latina is still mad at me after 5 days for desrespecting her. I've said i was sorry like 20 times and told her i wasn't lusting, just enjoying the show and didn't realize I was being disrespectful, once I did realize it...I tried to correct myself.

What do I do?

a) Just ignore it until she gets over it?
b) Send some flowers?
c) Keep appologizing?

I am insanely attracted to my girlfriend..i just have a staring problem when it comes to professional dancers.



^ hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Sorry been married to a Mexican woman for almost 12 years, she would have punched me in the back of the head after about 2 minutes. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Flowers, stop apologizing she heard you already, food always works for Latin women. Go and do something with her even it means watching twilight wearing a vampire or werewolf t-shirt cant remember there names.

Learn not to look at other women's ass's if you want to stay with a Latin woman.


Good grief.

Really? DJ says it so it must be true...


Life is too short to mess with insecure women.


I'm distrubed by the not accepting an apology. DO NOT APOLOGIZE ANYMORE!


As an act of forgiveness, gouge your eyes out and present them to her in a small glass case that she could carry around in her purse. This way, your eyes will always be on her.

You're welcome


She's Latina.... It wouldn't matter.

You've apologized and that's all you should do. It's her problem now.

I don't believe in giving gifts to "make up" for stupid mistakes.


The answer is as plain as the nose on your face - Put it in her auxiliary chute.




And she knows this.

And this will not end well. (sorry man)

Ok, so you knew this already. (again, sorry man)


I absolutely love this line. It should be the slogan for Assgazers Anonymous.



Apologizing constantly it's just degrading yourself. You feel sorry for what you did, you recognize you have a problem and you want to fix it (or at least learn to be more subtle) and you have apologized for "disrespecting" her. You have done your part. She'll get over it.




Ye she can keep in her purse.... right next to your balls!

Can i get an Amen?

Jesus dude, smack the bitch n tell her to stop bein such a fuckin insecure twat.

I get caught staring all the time off my woman, hell she even knows that i'm guna look before i do coz she knows my type!

Try being in a strip club with your girlfriend, man that was an entertaining night!


Or be prepared to be a victim of continued and chronic emotional terrorism.



OP, your failure to properly manage expectations and set firm boundaries is manifesting in a way that is causing you to lose power in the relationship. The subsequent loss of respect (because of the afore mentioned failures coupled with your lack of self control) will manifest in increasingly bad behavior on her part in an attempt to elicit a response that is in ANY way shape or form, something that a MAN would do...

Stop supplicating, fuck her brains out until she taps out, and let her know that you have NO apologies for your desires as a man. She doesn't control your thoughts NOR your eyes. You made no attempts to interact with said gogo dancer, you just watched - WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE THERE: FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE. If she has a problem with that, show her where the door is, and let her know that she is welcome to use it. If she elects not to, let her know that she needs to stop her childish, controlling, castrating behavior post haste or you will throw her childish, insecure ass right on out.

And FTR, I have dated MANY Spanish/Latin women and they all TRY to assert some kind of control like this early on in the relationship. When this happens, I give them the gift of missing me for a bit until they come to their senses. After that it's, "Oh Papi, lo ciento, I was just jealous..." with their best pouty face. LMAO

Lift your skirt, grab your balls and put your fucking foot down! Latin women (and ALL women for that matter) need a MAN, not some supplicating wussy... Tell her to shut the fuck up or get the fuck out and PIIHP.


FML.. you deserve the Amen... Amen!


Jesus fucking christ.

You're not sorry for staring at the dancers ass, you're sorry for getting caught.



This line really can be brilliantly modified to fit any number of situations

I am insanely ______ to _____... I just have a _____ problem when it comes to ________.




pics of gf