Caught on Tape, Squat Rack Curler

I took this pic with my phone of a guy curling in the squat rack.



Did he see you taking the picture? If so, any dirty looks?

What is that. A five on each side?

If he did spot you, your response should have been “Hey don’t worry dude, I’m not gonna post this on the internet making fun of how you’re curling in the squat rack or anything”.


Jk but yeah they look like 25lb on each side or two 10’s.

Nice work bro. You have a future in the FBI.


He’s wearing gloves as well, that’s gay.

Huge misunderstanding, he’s just doing …


That’s an everyday sight for me. Sadly, I’m not mystified or amazed.

neelydan curls in the squat rack all the time

I curl out of the mono.

Well, from the angle it looks like he’s got pretty big arms so it’s obviously working.

I don’t see the big deal … were you waiting to use the rack? Was there a line of people waiting for the piece of equipment?

This doesn’t look all that bad. First its not really a squat rack, for me the height is never correct on those so it’s not my first choice as a place for doing squats. Second, where would you suggest someone do barbell curls? I’ve never seen a barbell curl rack, if you wanted to do barbell curls you would always have to steal them from some other equipment like this rack or a bench press.

On that note I would be kind of pissed too if I wanted to do squats and that equipment was in use. However, I am never happy in general if I can’t find a place to do squats even if people are actually using the squat racks for squats. Same goes when all the bench presses are in use.

[quote]NeelyDan wrote:
neelydan curls in the squat rack all the time[/quote]

well that explains a lot

What is it with you creepy bastards taking pics and vids of gym idiots?

Are you sitting in the gym wacthing these cunts going at it thinking ‘Yo dude I am so gonna atake a pic of this guy and show it to my buddys on T-Nation. They will be so stoked and I will be eternally validated’


He had one 10lb on each side. He didn’t see me take the pic.

Go do some squats in the curl rack, that’ll teach him

[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:
NeelyDan wrote:
neelydan curls in the squat rack all the time

well that explains a lot[/quote]

what does it explain HM? Maybe he does curls in the squat rack at a local Planet Fitness … maybe it’s the same Planet Fitness you were scoping out to do your little video shoot … which never happened … I’m on to you buddy, you probably never even were in 6th grade, you were probably home schooled

I curl in the squat rack every week…I work out at home. I am so lonely.