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Caught on Camera - Woman Hires Hitman



Am sure this stuff is not all that uncommon but damn, the matter-of-factness with how she talks about this ...


Yeah, but they only got her on solicitation. If that undercover detective had actually done the job, they could have got her for conspiracy, which would carry a heavier sentence.


If he had DONE THE JOB they would have had her for murder. Incompetent cop.


Well, conspiracy to murder, since she wouldn't have actually pulled the trigger. Conspiracy is a more serious charge than solicitation.

As an aside, I was once a witness for the prosecution in a criminal trial. I spoke with the assistant DA, who was an affable chap about my age, but I couldn't help smirking throughout our conversation. What he didn't know was that I knew, because I had researched him before the trial, was that eight years earlier he had been suspended for offering an undercover female vice cop twenty dollars to suck his dick.

Don't know what's worse, being a scumbag or being a cheapskate.


Im gonna go with cheapskate


I saw this on the news a few days ago. This happened very close to where I live.

Funny, even her relatives said it was fucked up. In the article it says she wanted to kill him because it was easier than divorce etc... That was actually in the video they showed on the local news.


Sounds like she was having him killed because she didn't want to deal with going through a divorce. Like she didn't want to break his heart, she'd rather just have somebody stab it and put it out of it's misery instead. What a cold hearted bitch.


That is exactly what the local news video portrayed. It was much longer and she said things like I want to murder him so he doesn't have to be hurt. It's kinda funny if you think about it. But not for him.


Well I would certainly hope so. I hate the mentality of "Stand up for your family no matter what".

No. Not at all. If your family tries to cold blooded murder someone, or in this case have them murdered by a 3rd party, their family should not be behind them at all. If my brother/uncle/whatever was a pedophile, I would most likely have nothing to do with them. People that are scumbags shouldn't have family bail them out, it's called enabling. Helping them seek counseling or personally helping them improve themselves and rise above their problems is one thing, but standing up for them regardless of what they've done...nope.


How many relatives do you see on the news say. "My son/daughter would never do something like that"? How many do you see say "I'm really upset that my daughter did something like that."? The former exponentially more than the latter. Right or wrong it's just something I've noticed. Families usually CAN'T believe their child/sibling/parents would do something so horrendous. This family was just like yup, she's fucked up!


Exactly, denial is the standard. I mean I understand an initial doubting of the accusations, but when the evidence is right there in front of you, there should be nothing more to debate.


Tim Lambesis was caught doing the same damn thing


While this situation is different because she is on camera, I have always told myself that regardless of what my children were accused of if they maintained their innocence so would I. Justice is going to happen either way if the evidence is there. The last thing my child would need is their parents turning their back on them if they were innocent.


Some Bonehead typed: ''If that undercover detective had actually done the job...''

Seriously? Am I the only one that noticed that ridiculous quote?

Another Bonehead answered: "If he had DONE THE JOB they would have had her for murder. Incompetent cop."

Well, I'm outta here for now as this thread is obviously teeming with 'tards.




I have a feeling she may be a sociopath, or psychopathic... Judging by the behavior and way she spoke about it hmm... Fricken nuts though... Just heard about the other guy from As I Lay Dying do the same thing and blame it on steroid usage.


Can't tell if serious, or trolling the trolls.


Is it possible somebody missed Sarcasm 101?


Not merely possible, but highly probable.

Karado, your literal-mindedness is almost endearing.

Almost. :slight_smile: