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Caught in the Hole


I'm getting stuck in the hole during squats. What exercises have you done to help strengthen or increase explosiveness/power out of the hole? Any help is appreciated!


box squats, and check your form.


how do you know it's a weakness? it may indeed be a form issue.


If you've got a power rack you can do concentric squats.


Are you driving out of the hole with your glutes and hamstrings and a tight lower and upper back arch or are you using your hips flexors and squads to 'jump' out of the hole? It's a mistake I used to make. When I first fixed it, my squat actually went down, but after not too long it went up fast.


vids would help to define the problem


work on your hamstrings and ass.

Zerchers squats, pull thru, glute ham raise, SLDL's. etc.


Get stronger. Ie. squats, squats and more squats.


explosive farts


videos... we need them to help you


Umm, hate to be "that" guy, but aren't you supposed to get stuck in the hole on squats? That is the natural sticking point for a RAW lifter, is it not? Maybe you just need to get stronger, everywhere.


That's what I was thinking too. Usually when you try to lift more than your 1RM on any lift you get stuck somewhere, the hole seems like a good place for that on squats, nobody ever says they get stuck on lockouts/top half of squat.


I squat raw and I always get stuck about 4-6in out of the hole and the reason isn't always the same. Sometimes the issue is my upper back, sometimes it's lack of hip drive leading to a partial GM if I get it at all and sometimes I can't transfer the hip drive to the bar because my core isn't strong enough.


srsly thgh:

Even raw, I found box squats helped me with explosiveness


speed squats


The weight is too heavy, and that is why you are getting stuck in the hole. Back it off and teach yourself to stay tighter and get more explosive. Hodges is correct with the speed squats. You could also do some partials out of the hole with light weight.


Thanks for the help. I spent some time remembering what happened. I remember hitting th botom and my upper back went to jelly. Had to roll the bar forward onto the supports.

I'll work the speed squats, the partials and upper back more.

Oh, and the farting (thanks caveman and DF for that gem), at least it will keep others from rushing me out of the rack.