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Caught AngryVader On Vacation

You think with all the gadgets on the suit he would never have to use one of these things.


This is my favorite thread ever!

[quote]dirtbag wrote:
Here is Angry Vader after the E and a few gay clubs later.[/quote]

This is what happens when I pass out at a party. It takes forever to get all that makeup off.

Now we all know why he uses that respirator. Dam he better quit smoking.

Wait thats some weed. Good thinking Vader time to mellow out.

I saw him swimming with beer…

Get me my Pancakes!

He really take it all too far!


[quote]Rockscar wrote:

Vader got into the leather scene I take ?

Vader and nephews.

Ahhhhh, beat to it :frowning:

Here is another of Vader chillen with his buddies. They are pretty mellow right now but wait till they get going.

Here is some video of Angry Vader in japan!

I’m glad I’m wearing my breathing mask!

Here is another video that proves that Angry Vader loves Rick Ashley!!

This thread has made my day, thanks DB!

[quote]dirtbag wrote:
Playen Guitar Hero with his friends.

Looks like a good vacation so far.[/quote]

He’s obviously playing rock band since you can’t use the fendor strat for guitar hero.

AngryVader vs. Japanese police


[quote]Jetric9 wrote:
AngryVader vs. Japanese police


He didn’t even use the force.

No jedi mind tricks? WTF?!

He came to my place and we spun some records. Man that guy knows how to party.

Here he is spinning some hip hop scratch remix.