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Caught AngryVader On Vacation


“Wait whats that the screen is so small. Is that a cup …oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

I just laughed it up!

I lol’d.

Leia’s here to kick some booty.

And he arrived in this

Oh no he has her in a choke hold. He must be angry!

Here he is hang’n with his bro’s @ a BBQ.

Then he dropped E and hit the Trekker’s Convention.

AngryVader does have a soft side.


Sometimes Vader does things that mere mortals do not understand.

Here is Angry Vader after the E and a few gay clubs later.

Here is Angry Vader choking Elmo. “What happened to the plans to the death star.” Elmo “heheh that tickles!”

Guess E really messes some people up!

Waiting for the bus

Playen Guitar Hero with his friends.

Looks like a good vacation so far.

Sometime on his bender we seen cops try and get him. Well he made short work of them. I would show you the bodies after but the mods here would just delete them.

We also caught him with this. Thats how he pays for his gym membership.

Here is his closet. Just for when he is in the mood for something different.

Here is my favorite

I saw him at the grocery store being a wise guy.

Taking action on global warming.