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Catholic v Protestant: Robert George v Cornel West


Two Princeton professors dish it out. Still friends. I think we need to have another dialogue here. One with more respect between the brothers than name calling and church hating. Let's look at the issues.

P.S. My training log name is in part because of Cornel's (the Protestant) comment towards the end.


Why is this so important to you? Why do you need the approval of others for your faith and who said anything about not being friends? I defended you when you were unfairly accused and don't pretend this thread is not directly related to me. You've been stewin all this time because I dissed your church? You need some assurance Chris. The kind your church denies you and you wouldn't be "praying into the black" and hoping for the best.

That whole post of yours tore me apart. I pay close attention when you speak. It doesn't have to be like that my friend and now here you are trying to corral some acceptance from people whose opinions you should care nothing about. You have no spiritual foundation, don't you see that? No fellowship with God Himself. It's all books and study and "the church" tells me I'm ok. It's tragic. It's tragic because I don't know if I've ever met anybody who longs to see the face behind the rent veil more than you do and your piddling your life away in carnality and vain empty religious pursuits. Say whatever you want here, but when you're alone with yourself you know what I'm tellin you is true.

You think a post like this makes me your enemy? I may be the only friend you've ever had. BTW, Cornell West is a pagan. A secularized socialist affront to the gospel and anything in the world other than a protestant Christian.


The last thing we need is more infighting between Christians. Can we just all get along :(?


Mods, will you please delete this thread because we obviously are not ready for a discussion.


Religion is just man's interpretation of the divine. No one has the complete picture. Christ had a good message. The divisions between Christian churches is based on greed/power/politics.


LOL.....This is so full of win. Thanx, Chris, for making me laugh.


Read Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton, you'll enjoy it...

And after that read:

  • Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
  • Summa Contra Gentiles: God by Thomas Aquinas
  • The Minds Road to God by Saint Cardinal Bonaventure
  • The Divine Comedy by Dante
  • The Confessions by Saint Augustine

After reading all that, and if you still disagree with the Church, then I suppose you will always disagree with the Church. But, those five (there is six in the list, but I am not including Mere Christianity) will give you a base in understanding the Catholic Church.


Can someone point me to the thread where Trib and BC had their little "my fairytale tale God is bigger than your fairytale God" spat? It sounds like fun. You guys need to work on your love for each other, not physically manifested though of course as that kind of behaviour is frowned upon, and rightly so. Wouldn't want people thinking for themselves, where would that get us?!


Address people with the same courtesy you would face to face, please Just because you are behind the safety of a computer screen does not excuse churlish behavior.

Quick bit of common sense advice, if you are going to make haughty, presumptuous statements, it would serve you to not come off as a troglodyte, yourself.


The key to these discussions is knowing you won't change the other person's mind. At the end, you will agree to disagree but have spent some time having a good friendly debate and will go have a beer and a pizza.


Yes, nice post Big Banana :slightly_smiling:
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I would submit (and have) that One God is in all religions and more. THAT makes my God bigger than ALL OF THEM! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yes, it's fun. Why believe in one puny religion when you can have the whole shebang?


Fair enough. Although I work on the Christian principle of do unto others... and I am more than happy for people on the internets to challenge and make fun of my beliefs. I personally think the internet is great for saying things you wouldn't and having said things to you people normally wouldn't. It's a great way to get new and interesting ideas, feedback, thoughts, and be challenged in your own ideas. So we will have to agree to disagree.

Back on topic though this thread reminds me of classic film on religion the life of Brian. When they decide Brian is the Messiah within seconds factions had been set up each believing their way of following him is the right way: follow the gourd, hop on one foot, hold up your sandal!


I have a pretty good understanding of the Catholic Church, what with my uncle as a priest, my aunt a nun, my father going through the seminary. Thanks for the suggestions though. I have only read 3 of the 5.


Then I assume you're Catholic.


Take 2 minutes and all will be explained.


The key to these discussions for me is as complete an obedience to the living God as is presently possible for me to render. Minds only change when brought from death to life by the resurrected Christ. That's His business. Mine is to testify. To this GCF guy? Look around, you'll find what you're looking for and it will be every bit as entertaining to someone like you as you're imagining. I stand by everything I said though not necessarily the way I said it an every instance.


Chris, you are not getting my PM's are you?


Oh dear. He giving you the silent treatment huh? Shouldn't have told him that your god could kick his god's ass. He's upset. You shouldn't have nipped the Lions heel Trib. Don't you know anything about the Crudsades?!


No, I am not.