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Catholic Priests Breaking News


From CNN today: BREAKING NEWS Roman Catholic archdiocese of Dublin report says 102 priests are suspected of sexually or physically abusing at least 350 children since 1940, The Associated Press reports.


Thanks for posting this, Chinadoll. Too many people have an unearned high regard for priests and ministers. They trust their children to these creeps w/o a second thought. I have learned to trust NO ONE with my children, except for my wife and her parents.


Yes, homosexuality in the Priest hood has caused quite a problem.


Don't be a jackass and equate pedophilia and homosexuality.


I am in no way saying that ALL homosexuals are pedophiles. That would be stupid to believe. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say most are not pedophiles.


Because you have not heard on NBC, CBS or ABC that homosexual Priests commit most of the molestaton against boys it can't be true?


But you see, this is not what the Church itself is saying.

"Two new reports may help the world see the reality behind the media-created illusion. The reports were commissioned by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, who asked the National Review Board, a panel of Catholic lay people, to investigate the abuse crisis.

Eighty-one percent of sex crimes committed against children by Roman Catholic priests during the past 52 years were homosexual men preying on boys, according to a comprehensive study released yesterday on the church's sex abuse crisis.


I know, I know it's not politically correct to state the truth.....


Well 100% of them were males. Why don't you blame it on the fact that these priests have a penis?

100% of the sex crimes committed by Roman Catholic Priests against children during that time were committed by PEDOPHILES.

Some may have been white pedophiles, black pedophiles, brown pedophiles, liberal pedophoiles, conservative pedophiles,straight pedophiles, gay pedophiles, left-handed pedophiles, or right-handed pedophiles.

Bottom line, they were all PEDOPHILES.


Yes, they were homosexual pedophiles!

That does not mean all homosexuals are pedophiles. But certainly statistics demonstrate that there are an inordinate amount of pedophiles who are homosexuals.

Did you read the article?


The ones that are found guilty should be dragged in the streets and shot.

And people wonder why I turn away from organized religion so heavily...


That isn't shocking, that is plain sick. I am interested, however, in what "physical abuse" includes and how many of these cases were physical abuse. I would also like to know why they grouped the two together because one can be much more damaging, in my opinion, than the other.

Is this a case of pedophiles going this "religious route" in order to hold back these urges only to succomb to them later...or is this the result of pretending as if physical needs can be ignored?


The priesthood has long been a place gay men trying to hide from their sexuality have taken refuge.

The overwhelming majority of the sexual abuse by priests has been committed against boys.

They are gay and they are pederests.

To deny that they are gay is moronic.

It is a homosexual act.

A man having sex with an underage girl is a heterosexual act.

Why do so many people want to hide from these simple facts?


Hmm, looks like there is a strong association between religion and pedophelia.

That's it, I'm assuming anyone who is blatantly religious is molesting children.


I know you're reactionary and a bit over the top at times, even for a far left easterner, but usually I find that endearing.

In this case though, let me argue with you that this has absolutely nothing to do with religion. Let me state that again, the act has nothing to do with religion.

It occurs in all walks of life, from all classes, ethnicities, races, and yes creeds. It's abhorant behavior that is further intensified by the reaction of the church and its leadership. It is a problem. But it is a human problem, not an organized or otherwise religious problem. It is a societal problem.


I don't think history agrees with you. This used to be covered up with a wink and nod from on high.

Only in recent years has this issue been given serious attention -- and only because of the public outcry against the church.


Why would diddling a little girl with no secondary sex characteristics be a "heterosexual act"?

Diddling kids is not a homosexual or heterosexual act. It's pedophilia. Just like fucking a male goat isn't a homosexual act of beastiality.


As my FULL post stated--the act has nothing to do with religion. The reaction of the church leadership was/is deplorable.
Pedophilia is not based in religion.
Pedophilia has nothing to do with organized religion.

I don't mind cutting and pasting, but to pull stuff deliberately out of context with regards to the entire post is not appropriate and leads these discussions astray. I believe anyone without an axe to grind with me personally could read my entire post and see my intent.


I don't know Sasquatch.

I'm a Catholic. Some of this shit I've seen first hand, in my own parish.

I don't think that this is just a Catholic problem, or a white problem, or whatever, of course. I'm sure it is in all types. But as a Catholic it is disturbing 1) that all this goes on in Catholic churches 2) the virtous fucking Church shuffles these prics around from parish to parish to protect them. Of course, it also seems very prevalent in the Church, though.

Again, shot and dragged through the street. I'd do it myself.


I echo your sentiment wrt the reponse from the leadership. At least as abhorent as the crime itself.

Punishment seems to fit the crime. I don't take (much) issue with that.

Peace out--off on business till Saturday


If there was some way to get away with it while still making a public statement... I'm with you all the way.

You wanna just get them while they sleep instead?


Maybe it is a little more complicated.

In the catholic church there are a lot of "Holy Mary" whorshippers who consider her to be warm, forgiving, "pure", i.e an asexual mother figure.

These are the same people having extreme troubles to integrate an adult version of sexuality into their personality, i.e to start seeing women as sexual beings.

So if someone like that approaches boys that are approximately at the stage of sexual developement that he cannot grow out off, he probably seeks himself in the boys he targets.

He is also terrified of the idea of actually penetrating a grown woman, because that would mean seeing themselves as aggressors, sexual agressors, no less, and that is something they simply cannot do. Of course by not being able of seeing themselves as aggressors they actually become it in a truly twisted, i.e. perverted kind of way.

Of course what they do are homosexual acts but

A: their inner game is very different from that of a grown-up homosexual

B: from a practical point of view they have more in common with heterosexual pedophiles.

If they were banging 16-17 year old altar boys I would not have any problems with it, because that would be a homosexual who has a problem I can relate to, i.e. he does not know how to keep his dick in his pants.


We have discussed these issues in Germany long ago.
To claim that the molesters-in-robes were homosexuals is stupid and ignorant.
They simply had no "access" to young girls.

Yet, the catholic church officially stated the problems are only about homos.
It sounds better tham to admit that living in unnatural celibacy leads to such tragedies.