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And to think Terrell Owens once speculated that Garcia was gay… BTW, is Carmella the same chick that is currently a WWE diva?


Garcia’s Playmate walks after head-kicking his ex
By Inside Track
Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Playboy Playmate galpal of Cleveland Browns QB Jeff Garcia, accused of grabbing a dance pole and karate-kicking Garcia’s ex in the head, was found not guilty of assaulting the woman, a judge ruled last night.

 However, Judge Anita Laster Mays said Carmella DeCesare did violate a protective order the pigskin player's scorned sweetie, Kristen Hine, had against the reigning Playmate of the Year.

 During the three-day misdemeanor assault trial in Cleveland Municipal Court, the judge heard testimony from Hine, 32, who accused DeCesare, 22, of kicking her in the head last Aug. 21 at a nightspot called Tramp. How apropos. 

Testimony revealed the women apparently were brawling over the affections of Garcia, who took the stand this week in his newer, younger Playmate’s defense. He portrayed his ex as an obsessive groupie with an annoying attraction for him.

 DeCesare, who faced a year in jail on the assault charge, stands to receive probation, community service and a fine. 

carmella is so hot. this just makes her even hotter. supposedly she is going to be at this nightclub that i know some poeple at in the late jan, early feb area, so i might get the chance to meet her. maybe i will get to see her dropkick someone!!!

Man, why can’t I get chicks to do that?
The closest I get to stuff like that is a 4:00 in the morning visit from an ex who insists that “we NEED to talk!”. And I need to start locking my doors.