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Ok, I decided to post my training log. Afer a couple surgeries last year and some serious family emergency issues which put my training on the back burner, I am back at it. I've been working out in some form or fashion and have been dedicated to health and fitness almost all my adult life. I'm a former Crossfitter/Olympic Lifter most recently (I may go back to CF 3 days a week in addition to my other gym work), but was a runner/gymrat for many years prior to that. I am trying to gain muscle and lose fat and get back where I was before May 2014, which is when all that personal stuff happened. Currently I am utilizing the Simple No-Machines workout from here, but I am going to design a training program for myself when I am done with that.

I am mildly interested in Masters figure competition; I believe I have the determination and discipline required. I would love to bodybuild, but I am a true ectomorph and putting on weight/muscle does not come easily. I am also heavily tattooed, being in the industry for almost 30 years, so that might also be a drawback to getting on stage. Well, so much for the introduction! In my next post I will post my training log starting from yesterday.


Will be following, good luck!


Ok, here’s me now 3/19/15. I have lost a lot of muscle since last year. I am 5’10" and weigh 142 as of this a.m. I am 52 so gaining muscle is hard for me! I was doing really well before I broke my wrist last year (the 1st surgery was from that). I am disappointed in how I look now, but I am uber disciplined and am working my way back! I would like to compete one day in a Figure competition, but I have too many tattoos. Off to the gym now, will post my workout when I get back!


Welcome! Happy to see more women here. You’re already quite lean with beautiful proportions.

Best of luck coming back from injury. Everybody loves a good comeback story!


Welcome cat! I’ll be following.


Ok. Today 3/19/15
Pullups 10/8/6/4 assisted
Barbell Row 12/10/8 50#
Lat Pulldowns 3x10 62#
1-arm DB row 3x12 30#
Incline DB Curl 3x12 12#
DB concentration curl 12/10/8 15#
Hammer curls 3x12 15#

Reverse crossleg crunches 25 each right and left leg
Ab wheel 25
Cable curldowns 25 (I forget the weight, it said #7 on the machine)
GHD situps 10
I managed to do about 6 toes to bar. Havent done them in a while

Cardio: 20 mins elliptical trainer



Butt day!!
Squats: 3x10 80#
Back ext. 3x15 25#
Split squats 3x10 ea leg, holding #12 in each hand
Hip thrusts 3x20 no weight
walking lunges 3x10 each leg holding #15 overhead

Abs: 25 GHD situps
25 leg lifts Roman chair


as a member of the over 50 group, I appreciate your struggles, and look forward to your log -

btw - nice tats!




ok, forgot to post yesterday

Incline bench 1 x 10@55# 8/8/6 @60#
Close grip bench 3x10/8/6 @ 60#
Strict Press 3x10/8/6 @45#
Decline DB flies 3x10 15#
DB press 1X10@ 20 2X10@ 15#

20 mins run/walk treadmill


Short and sweet!
Squat 3x4 @ 95#, 1x4@ 100#
Bench 5x4 @ 70#
DL 5x4 @ 125
Abs. about 100 varied.


[quote]catdance62 wrote:
Short and sweet!
Squat 3x4 @ 95#, 1x4@ 100#
Bench 5x4 @ 70#
DL 5x4 @ 125
Abs. about 100 varied.[/quote]

Sometimes it feels good to get away from your split and do a whole body workout. I like.

About the desire to do a competition - You could train like you plan to do it and then decide. OR set a date to work toward and have some really nice pictures taken. A friend I train with did that this past year. She didn’t want to step on stage, but she had some gorgeous professional photographs done to celebrate all her hard work.


Yep, following.

Good luck with the training! Coming back from surgeries/injuries are the worst, but you got this!