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Catching that Damn 500 Pound DL


This is my first ever log on this site at least. I can say I’ve changed some minor parts of my goal but it’s always been the same. Being big and as strong as my body and mind allow me. Last winter I came so close to deadlifting 500. I was going through my lifting cycle great, I felt good, progress was there, but hurt myself during my cycle on a 450. I backed down, healed up, and put the deadlift behind me. I trained differently. This past summer, I got back into a cycle, killed workouts, hit a 425x5 and I swore I was within weeks.

At that point in time, I was fighting through serious pain in my low back and IT band so it ended there. Over 2 months in PT with no pulling or squatting. I put the 500 in the back of my mind and focused more bodybuilding style training enjoying the creative workout styles which I’ll continue to do but ripping 500 god damn pounds is what I’m after again. Deadlift day is Monday so workouts will start getting posted then. I’m using a similar style program that I did in the summer it’s incredibly high volume, emulated from George Leeman, with a lot of exercises so needless to say I’ll have to sleep and eat quite a bit.


monday 3/28

rack pull completely below knee- 245,335,385,425 x5 475x4 grip went, 500x6
deadlift stance box squat 225 2x5 275x5 245x15 Huge PR, previous was 245x6
about 2" deficit DL 315 x12, x8
bent over row 275x12 PR, 275x10 225x21
RDL 225x24, x21
shrug 335 x38, x25, x17
back extensions with 60lb DB 5x20
iso leg curl 90 x30, x25, x20
close grip pulldowns 180x14 x10
medium grip pulldowns 1x12 2x10
wide grip pulldowns 150x15, x10 165x12 3x10


Wednesday 3/30

Bench 175,205,235 x5 175x15
Cg spoto press 185 3x10
Incline 185x6 4x5 155x13 x12
Pec deck fly 2 drop sets, 170,145,130,115

Lateral raises 1 long latter set 50sx25- 45s,40s,35s,30s,35s,40s,45s,50s x12x12

Db extensions super set facepulls 35sx40,30,25,22,20 facepulls were all 25-20

Hammer curls super set straight bar pushdowns 45sx22,20,16 pushdowns 130x25,23,20


Thursday 3/31

Front squat 185x15 PR 205 5x6
Leg press 2,3,4,5,5 plates x10 strip set 4 plates x12 3 plates x15 2 plates x17 2 minute set with 1 plate…quad death

Split squat 125 4x6
Db row 90 x20,15,12,10 down the rack 80,70,60 x10
HS high row 2 plates x12 x10 2 plates+25 2x15

Cable row drop set 240x12 210x13 180x15
Pulldowns 165 2x15 1x12
Ghr 3x15
Reverse hyper 3x15


I feel like this journey should be very short if you’re already rack pulling 500x6… lol. Are you pulling sumo or conventional


not gonna lie, I didn’t expect that. I kinda impulsed it and said screw this and put 500 on. I pull conventional and I’ve always been weak off the floor that’s why I have quad work on my main deadlift day and yesterday.


friday 4/1

morning cardio, yes cardio while trying to smash a PR, gain weight, and get really strong. It just gives me peace of mind that I’m doing something for my heart in the long run. 15 minutes incline walk and 15 minutes step mill twice a week, just burning 400 calories a workout no big deal. Aside from that, Fridays I’ll also be doing a biceps workout just because in my other workouts I can’t really fit them in.

straight bar curl 95 x16,13,12,13,11
hammer curl 45s x20, 16, 13 50sx10
db curl latter set 25s,30s,35s,40s,35s,30s,25s x10
incline curl 20s 4x12
db concentration curl 25s 2x12
db preacher curl 25s 2x12
hammer preacher curl 35s 3x10
reverse cable curl/cable curl super set 60 2x15 each way

I feel like a “bro” doing just biceps after my cardio but it’s whatever, I want bigger arms too so why not.


saturday 4/2

bench 205x10 pause bench 205 4x5 about minute rest
db shoulder press 70s x12, 11, 7 60s x18, 17
incline db 75s 2x12 1x10 60sx22
dips 70lbs x15, x12 45x17 x15 25x17 x15 bodyweight x20 x19
laterals 55sx22 seated laterals 30sx20 25s 3x20
cable laterals 30x20 20 4x20 no rest between switching arms
facepulls 130 4x20 140x20
db extensions 40s x22, 20, 16
straight bar cable extension 80 5x?
straight bar pushdown 130 2x? 120 3x? drop set 120,100,80

Long workout but Saturdays and Wednesdays I squeeze in all of my chest,triceps,and shoulder work and today I felt like doing a ton of volume on accessories


monday 4/7

rack pull, last pin standing on a 45 so longer ROM. 500x9 better than last week!
DL stance box squat 225, 245, 285x5 250x15 PR
deficit DL 345x11 x4
row 275x14, x11 x8 235x21
RDL 235x21 x20
shrug 365x30 x21 x17
cable row 165x30 180x15 225 x12 210x15
back extension with 70lb DB 1x23 4x20
pulldown wide grip 180x12 165x15 medium grip 150 2x15
leg curl stack x30 iso leg curl 90 and 100 x20 110x16


wednesday 4/9

bench 195x3 225x3 245x4 220x7 195x10
cg spoto press 185 3x10
incline 185 1x6 4x5
db fly latter set 25s,30s,35s,30s,25s x10
pec deck 4 sets 20-10 reps in that range
lateral raises 55sx22 45sx30 1 arm 35sx20
seated laterals 25s 4x15
db extensions super set pec deck rear delt fly 35sx20, 15, 45sx20 x16 x13 x12 rear fly didn’t count reps
pushdowns (couple different grips) super set hammer curls 130x25/45sx25 130x22/45sx20 130x18/45sx16 130x20/45sx15 120x20/45sx15 pushdown drop set 100x14 80x16
facepull 80x68 to burn out


friday 4/11

front squat 225x5 205x8 185 5x10
split squat 115 4x6 1x10
leg press 3 plates 3x12 3 plates x25
db row 100 x15 x12 90 4x20
ghr bodyweight x40 30lb ez bar on my back 2x10
underhand pulldowns 165 2x15 wide pulldowns 165 2x15 close grip pulldowns 1x15 2x10


saturday 4/12

bench 205 x11
pause bench 205x9 3x6
db shoulder press 75s x4 70sx x10 x9 60s 2x16
db incline 80s 2x8 70s x13 x12
dips 70x13 x12 45x16 x15 25x17 x16 bodyweight x20 x16
laterals 55s 2x20 1 arm 35x25 cable laterals 30 3x15 20 2x25
cable fly 5 sets didn’t count, chest went for a pump and stretch
barbell extensions 95 x13 2x12
db extensions 35s x30 x26
2 drop sets of pushdowns 130,110,90,70 a lot of reps, arms were burning
facepulls 130 x50, x25, x20, x20 110x20


monday 4/14

rack pull lower than last week 500x10. love that I’m progressing as the ROM increases
DL stance box squat 225, 255 x5 255x13
deficit DL 365x12 all time PR
bent over row 275x14 x12 x12 240x20
RDL 245x21 beltless 185x30
shrug 385x20 x15 x16
cable row 225x20 215x21 w/ straps w/o straps 180x23 165x27
leg curl 150(stack) x50 PR 1 leg curl 100x20 x16 x14 90x20
close grip pulldowns 150 x20, x15, x12, x12
back extension 75lbs 4x20


wednesday 4/16

bench 205x5 235x3 260x2 235x5 205x10
cg spoto press 195x8 185 2x10 165x14
incline bench 195x4 185x6 2x5 1x4 160x12 x10
pec deck fly 175, 160, 145, 130 don’t remember reps, probably 10-15
1 arm lateral raise latter set 35,30,25,30,35 x20 per arm
db extensions 40sx25 x20 x16 35sx20 x16 x15
facepulls 8 or 9 sets didn’t count reps, well over 200 total reps guessing
pushdowns, 8-10 sets 4 different grips, again didn’t count reps, probably over 250 reps


friday 4/15

pause front squat 185 4x6
front squat 185 x13, x10, x10
leg press 3 45s and a 25 5x10 1x21 3 plates x25
split squat 115 3x7
db row 110x12 100x17 x16 PRs 90s 2x20
HS row 100/side x15 x12 x12
underhand pulldown 165x12 150 3x12
medium grip pulldown drop set 195x12 165x8 135x10 165 3x12
straight bar curl 95x15 x12 x12 x10
hammer curls 50s 3x15 45sx15
captains chair leg raise 2x25, side bends 70lbs 2x20


saturday 4/16

pause bench 205x9 4x5
close grip 225 2x5 185x13
seated overhead 135, 145x5 155x4 145x6 115x18
db incline 80s x9 x7 70s x12 x9 60s x18
laterals 50s x26 x20 1 long drop set 40s, 35s, 30s x15
cable laterals back to back no rest 30x15 x12 20x25
barbell extensions 95x20 x16 x15
db extensions 40s x25
5 rounds of front raises, pushdowns, and cable extensions
4 sets of cable fly


monday 4/18. Woke up at 173lbs, I need to stop playing around and hit my calories these workouts beat me up.

rack pull, lowered again. 500x8
DL stance box squat 275x5 255 2x10
deficit DL 385 x6, x4
row 295x7 PR 275x13, 235x20 x17
RDL 245x20 beltless/strapless 195x25
shrug 315x20 365 3x20
cable row 225x20 x16 215x20 strapless 180x23
GHR bodyweight 2x20 30lb EZ bar 1x10 1x7
pulldowns 150 3x15 1x13
back extensions 45lb plate 4x25

Thinking next week I’m gonna drop the height of the deficit DL. I’ve been using a 100lb plate which is close to, if not higher than 2 inches. I’ll probably go off a 45lb plate which is probably a little over an inch. I’m gonna keep going from there going up 20lbs/week until I hit like a 3-4RM which hopefully falls around 425-435


yesterday wednesday 4/20

bench 185, 210 x5 240x4 180x16
cg spoto 180x11 x10 x9
incline 190x5 185 2x5 160 3x10
db overhead 70s x9 x7 60sx14 x13
pec deck fly 145 4 sets x?
seated laterals 30s x26, x21, x16, x13
db extensions 45sx28 40sx22 x16 35sx20
facepulls super set with pushdowns 10 amrap sets, between 25-15 reps all sets


thursday 4/21

DL stance box squat 185, 225, 235, 245, 265, 265, 265 x5 225x15
smith front squat 185 3x8 155x12 felt odd so I dropped this exercise, wish my gym had a hack squat
leg press 3 plates and a 25 x20, x15, 4x12
HS chest supported row 100/side x26, 18, 15, 13, 12
underhand pulldowns 150x16 x12
medium grip pulldowns 180 2x12
close grip pulldowns 150 x12 3x10
HS high row 80/side x20, 15, 12, 12
straight bar curl super set reverse straight bar cable curl 95x15/50x20 95x12/60x17 95x12/60x15
seated hammer curl super set standing hammer curl 40sx12/45sx12 40s 3x10/45s 3x10
reverse hypers 4x12 and some ab work
reverse hypers 4x12 and


saturday 4/23

bench 210 5x5
close grip 230x6 180 x15, x5 wanted 20 so I racked it for like 30 seconds and went back in
seated overhead 135, 145 x5 155x6 120x19, x16, x15
incline db 80s x9 x8 70s x11 x9 60s x17
laterals, 1 long rest pause set 50s x25, x11 , x10
cable laterals 6-7 sets 20-10 reps something like that
barbell extension 95 x16, x13, x12, x12
front raises, rear delt pec deck, pushdowns, cable extensions probably 4-6 amrap sets each