catch a chill

Gym that we go to has poor ventilation, the air is very stale, and lately is been very very hot, in the 90’s ++ and humid, We are barely able to even work out at all.

There is some dude in the gym that when ever he is working out, turns the only fucking airfans in the gym to the ceiling so it doesn't blow on him so 'he doesnt catch a chill' forcing us to just about suffocate there, understand its REALY hot in there

These are the only fucking fans (little floor standing ones) in the gym, and he’s about 30 feet from them, I attempted to explain that viruses do not magically radiate from fans, but he just says, ‘you better drop this dude’

And when he leaves he doesn't even PUT THEM BACK!

I know a gym I used to workout at was horrible for ventilation. You almost passed out in the summer time. It was like all the oxygen had been sucked out. Why don’t you drop this douch bag for calling you dude. Say something like “your going to be cool on the ground because hot air rises” then SMACK knock the bitch out. Kidding of course but just aim the fan down when your near it. :slight_smile:

I don’t get it. Does buddy own the gym? Why does he decide when the fans are off? Your money and every other members’ is worth the same as his. Why don’t you just go turn the fans on? Frankly I’d tell him to go fuck himself. How about talking to the manager if you are afraid of this guy.

He is not the owner, just some idiot that works out there

He doesnt turn them off, just points them to the ceiling (blowing hot air down on everyone)

Owner thinks its “no big deal”

Not afraid of the guy, afraid of going to prison for what I instinctualy want to do =]

Kill the fucker.

There seems to be many similar things happening: Some guy is an asshole, but we’re too smart to beat the shit out of him for fear of jail.

We need to form a T-Men Vigilante group where we swap info on assholes, and then an anonymous member will come into town and beat the shit out the offending asshole and leave, never to return.

Well, it sounds fun anyway. ;)

The old “Murder, Inc.” thing, eh? Sounds good to me - but what do we call it? Bust a Dork? Gym Cleaners? Hmmm…

This guy sounds like a complete arse. If everone else in the gym is of the same opinion as yourself you could try a few of you speaking to the manager together. If he is made aware that it is a problem he may do something about it.

My prefered tactic would be to just move the fans so they were pointing at where I was training. If he has a problem with this let him come to you, or if he moves them without saying anything just move them back when he has lurched back to whatever he was doing. Whatever you do dont lose your temper with him, if it comes to that make sure he loses it first, in front of witnesses sympathetic to you.

I like Jack’s idea. Also, nice post about pretty girls in the Symphony X thread. Very true.