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Catch 22


Just finished this book for the first time. Had wanted to read it for a while but never found the time. I thought is was really well written and a fascinating read overall. Just curious how many of y'all have read it and how you liked it.


I loved it and think it is hilarious. I'm actually re-reading again right now (I don't like to start new books when I'm fully loaded at school). It's a top 5 book for me.


Did I like it? For 5 years previously, my handle was "Yossarian".

One of those great books, with the power to make me laugh outloud.


One of my all time favorites. It really is brilliant how every thing is put together. My personal favorite character is the Doctor. I am just about to start reading "Closing Time" which is the sequel to Catch 22, I will let you know how it is, but I can't imagine it being a disappointment.


Read it two years ago. Found it on accident while reorganizing my parent's second upstairs bookcase (we read alot). Though it was about emmett smith.

Changed my life.

Catch-22 is easily the best book I've ever read, and (even though I'm a snot-nosed punk) will probably be one of the best I ever read. I've reread it so many times over; it's reinspired me to want to write. Closing Time is the perfect bittersweet ending to Yossarian, the finale had me rolling on the floor, more so when I realized that it was published in 1994, and "little prick" reminds me so much of a certain someone :wink:.

From there I've gone on to read Something Happened, and am currently reading Good As Gold. Picture This is next.

"He had decided to live forever or die in the attempt, and his only mission each time he went up was to come down alive."

God, I wish I could've met him.


I read it when I was real young and still enjoyed. I think I really appreciated it a lot more when I read it a second time. It's one of those books, like Lonesome Dove, that you can read several times.


Catch 22 is incredible. Must read for everyone.

I recently read Picture This also bt Joseph Heller. Strange but very good.


Agreed, Catch-22 is a classic. I find myself quoting it all the time. The other day at school I saw "YOSSARIAN LIVES" scribbled on the bathroom wall and got a good chuckle out of it. The part where everyone is sighing at the briefing and the Colonel threatens to kill the next person who sighs is the hardest I have ever laughed at printed word.

I also read Picture This, and found it oddly mesmerizing.


yea definantly quite a few laugh out loud parts. i wasn't aware that there was a sequal...i'll have to check that out.