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The unthinkable has taken place. My sanctuary has been destroyed and I now sit here typing this letter with my heart half ripped out. I bleed all over the floor while someone somewhere who is responsible for this disgusting crime laughs hideously in his office. This crime that I am refering to is the remodeling of the fitness center at my community college. This once hardcore room has been reduced to weight stack machines from C.Eversons workout world. The college got a deal for the equipment and decided to ditch the free weights. No longer can I find solace during breaks with my beloved free weights, my gym has been comercialized!

There are mirrors and a multitude of cardio machines but get this, no pullup bar no benches no squat rack! Only a lonely curl bar placed in the corner and that I fear will also bite the dust. But wait, in all honesty there is some dumbell benches. Although a dawg like me cannot even get a good session of concentration curls with those ‘massive’ 30 pound dumbbells. I am writing because I need help. This help will be in any information besides the excellent info in the online mag such as studies as to the benefit of free weights or anything blasting machines. Also any quotes I could use from Coach Davies, Ian King, T-Mag Staff to include in a opinion article about this catastrophie.
I will thankfully take any help I can get.
Thank You

you know what ever help I can be I will. Personally I think we should just storm the facility and return it to its former glory. In faith, Coach Davies

I feel your pain as I am dealing with a similar scenario. You’d think that the military would would want a decent gym to keep their war fighters fit but all we have here is Hammerstrength as far as the eye can see. At least the dumbells go to 120.

Just a simple quote as to the greater benefit free weights and bodyweight exercises such as the pullup provide. Or (I dont know if this is true) maybe the possible injuries that could result from the lacking stimulation to the stabilizers. And definitely an opinion as to the benefit of free weights over machines in training for college athletics. Also if you could list your credentials because this is going in the school paper.
Thank you for your help coach.
Jas ‘disgruntled student’

Hmnm…That sucks.