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Catabolic Vs Excess


So this is something that's been poking around in my head ever since I started getting more into nutrition for lifting.

Basically we've all heard the debate that you go catabolic to some extent at night time, enter a slow digesting protein like casine to counter act this I.e. Cottage cheese mixed with a small amount of good fats.

Now we have also heard the debate that too many excess Kcals at night time leads too fat gain, less active and slow metabolisim etc.

So here is my question, let's say you go about your normal day and consume your Kcals as normal and now it's 3 hours till bedtime. Going over your food diary you stumble upon the fact that you've taken in more KCals than you expected and your already over your limit for the day.

Now what do you do? Do you still have your serving of slow digesting protein right before bed even though it will be excess Kcals or are you too worried about going catabolic over night and still chow down?

For me, since I've always struggled with bf I would rather skip the last meal to try and salvage my Kcals for the day but that's just me.

How about you?

Love Dave


Eating more doesn't slow down your metabolism. If I hit my macros for the day like all the grams of protein I needed and approximately the calories I needed from fat and carbs I wouldn't eat the bed time snack if I was cutting or leaning down, since getting ones macros for the day is more important than the timing one consumes them.


Awesome dude, thanks for the solid information.


Quoted for truth.
There is a reason this is the only reply, it pretty much says all you need to know.