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Catabolic Situation


I've been training for 3 years. However, I am going through one of those 1st time for everything moments. Here's my dilemma:

I have been in France for 3 weeks now, and will spend a further 5 weeks here. I am in a rather small town, with no gym worth going to (there's a ladies gym with them little plastic weights and like 30 treadmills). This means that I won't be able to train here very easily, since push ups/bodyweight exercises seem a waste of time 'cuz they real easy. This puts me, by the end of January at 9 weeks without touching a weight.

Furthermore, the French don't really eat too much, and the people that I am staying with are french... So there is no 4000 calorie diet here. Just the basic 3 meals a day of the average desk worker.

I have already lose about 12 lbs here (or more!!!). I am not sure what exactly it is, but I guess 8 pounds is inter-cellular (I tend to get pretty rounded thanks to this... Also when I train, I am on a constant bulking diet i.e. eat lots of everything) water, 2 pounds fat and 2 pounds muscle.

I just wanna know if 9 weeks of no training and a not-anabolic diet will do negative gains to me. I really don't wanna be smaller than I am now (5 ft 10 @ 174lbs), it will suck.
I feel weaker and mu muscles are definitely not as full as they were 4 weeks ago. Perhaps its just the under-usage of fascia, but then again, I don't quite know.

What should I expect from this? I have ok genetics, so how long do you think it will take to get back to my normal strength/size (bench 270, weight 186)? I dunno if it shows, but I'm 16.

I wanna get to a solid 202 lbs by the end of 2011.

*Moderator: I am not sure where exactly to post this, so if you'd rather re-allocate this post, please tell me where you put it. I figured beginner, cuz this is my first ever catabolic period of my life.


Yes. If you don't train for ~9 weeks you will lose some lean mass.

make the best out of your situation, work out whenever you can, do bodyweight exercises, maybe set up some TRX-like equipment


I really wouldn't disregard bodyweight exercises such as push ups and, definitely not pull ups. There are i believe several articles advocating firstly the usefullness of bodyweight exercises and also ways to make them harder. If they're too easy put something heavy on your back (i.e: a person)


I've been doing bodyweight stuff, but I am not sure how well I'll be able to maintain mass with them. And For legs, I aint too sure what to do for them. Getting a fatty to jump on your back for squats is inconvenient and rather awkward.


body weight squats, goblet squats and jump squats


add in single arm push ups, pistols, handstand push ups, pullups etc. you will lose lean mass though if you take 9 weeks off.


unilateral exercises, like Pistol Squats, rear foot elevated split Squat (aka Bulgarian Split Squats)


Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly are pistol and goblet squats?
Yeah, I am pretty pissed that I can't train here. But not much I can do about it hey, just try my best.
when I get back home in February, I'm gonna hit the meanest bulk ever. Go from 174 (current, and hopefully the lightest I'll be) up to 188 or so. 8 weeks o training, you think a solid (4:1 muscle to fat) 14 lb gain is possible? gonna get to 200 by September if I am focused.


Kid, stop worrying so much about trivial details, you're not close to advanced enough for that to matter yet. Just work hard at bodyweight exercises; do sprints, jump squats, etc for legs, pullups and all their variations for back and bi's, pushups, hanstand pushups, dips, and all those variations for chest, shoulders and tris...and stop sweating the little stuff.



You're welcome


[quote]Cprimero wrote:

You're welcome[quote]



Hey thanks man, good read. Never tried that thing with the rows on the door frame.
I'll give it a go dude. I found a 90 lb barbell, so that is gonna help a bit with things like curls, skull crushers etc...


Take a look at these articles.




push a car, pull a sled with fat kids on it, watch rocky 4 (when he trains in russia) for some ideas


Youre already very light for your height. The fact that you lost so much weight in such a little amount of time suggests you are massively undereating.

Eat enough food to maintain your weight. Someone your size should not be losing weight that fast unless he is starving himself


Mate, that is not that light. 176 = 78 kgs.
5 ft 10 = 177 cm.
There are some people who weigh 150 lbs and are 6 ft 2 on this site.


Who gives a shit that there are other people that are annorexically thin on this site? The philosophy or dogma of this site points to you being small. 176 at your height is small, deal with it, accept it, overcome it. You're getting so caught up in all the small details instead of trying to find ways to over-come your issue. You can easily get 4k calories a day on 3 meals.

If your hosts are cooking dinner, always ask for seconds or thirds. If you're eating out buy more food or multiple meals. Stop worrying about your potential of getting to 202 at a 4:1 muscle:fat ratio being possible or how much intracellular weight you've lost and simply train hard, eat big. Follow those two principals and results will come.


I know I am small, just chill out. At least I try to do something about it, otherwise I would not be on this site. Bare in mind I am 16 as well, so I have not really been training as much as you guys have.
Thanks for your input though, I know you just trying to help me out.


Yusef, thanks man. But oaks are right in a sense, compared to other on T nation, I am pretty fukin' small.

I do admit, I am no 220 pound beast yet. Hopefully when I am 19 or 20 it will come... Three years is a long time, and I could put on 40 lbs in my first 3 years, why not do it again in the next 3?
The "little things" are confusing you are right. But when there are like a million and one things that have articles written about them, what is really important can get confusing; the eat big and lift big is enough, I have re-evaluated.