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Catabolic Jobs

Would a moderately physical (painting) full-time job be catabolic, even with plently of food and proper nutrition?

What are some ideas to help with this, should one cut out all cardio and phsyical activity except for work and lifting weights? (Adding in cardio would probably just make me overtrain). Would P+C shakes during work help? or would just trying to eat plenty of P+C meals during work and getting plent of rest be sufficient.

Might be hard to eat every 3 hours, perhaps some energy bars and some type of fruit/vege as a snack until lunch break.

Any input on this?

Dude, don’t worry so much. Being a painter might interfere with some recovery but I don’t think increased recovery from a workout is a good reason to change a job, unless you plan on being a pro bodybuilder or something.

The more active you are, the more you have to eat…get creative. Stuff a backpack with peanut butter, bread, and protein shakes if you have to…do what you gotta do. There really aren’t many jobs where you can’t throw back something every few hours…except maybe the military.

Anyway, as far as being catabolic…do soccer players have huge calves and legs? Do the guys in cirque de soleil (that perform daily) have awesome, killer physiques? Do mountain climbers have the some of the best backs? Do kayakers have awesome biceps and backs?

Any amount of exercise is catabolic…if, and only if, you’re not getting enough calories for your body to repair itself with…just make sure you’re eating huge and adapt your workout routine to fit into your daily activities.