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catabolic feeding

Hey guys, question about catabolic feeding. Who all does this? I have whey protein, 2% milk, dextrose (non high fructose), but no flax seed oil. I don’t like cottage cheese at all, but would a shake of whey 2% be good in the nighttime? How much and just once in the night (like 3 a.m. if I go to bed at midnight and wake at 8)? Anything else? Thanks guys!

I have started to do this after reading the article. Right now I takes me about 15 minutes to fall back asleep but I haven;t really felt any more tired. I do seem to be less hungry in the morning(Duh) so I suppose it is doing the job. I had heard about athletes doing this kind of thing before but never tried it myself. After two days it is kind of hard to tell how profound an affect it is having. I will report back in a few weeks if there is anything good or bad to report. Oh and just for intrest sake I am on the fat fast at 1400 Kcal and this ups it to just over 1600 and I haven’t gained any weight and have actually still lost at he same rate.
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First of all, I’d like to congratulate the author of the article for throwing out something completely fresh and logical that most of us have never even consodered; This is why T-Mag kicks ass! I have tried this, and it wasn’t a huge bother at all. I made a shake with 250ml 2% milk, 2 tbs olive oil, and 1 scoop whey protein, and I drank it and popped back to sleep like a baby. Suggestion: I have an alarm-clock radio. I set it to a low volume, which does not shock, and which is just loud enough to stir me from sleep. The shake is right beside my bed. I stir it, gulp it, and go back to sleep. When I wake up, I’m surprised to see the shake missing. Very cool :0)

Im thinking about doing it. If i do its going to have to be something quik, just a shake or something. My main question, how many hours into ur sleep should it be? Im assuming about 4, halfway. Would a simple whey protien shake get it done?

good suggestion on the alarm clock volume, what do you suggest making my shake consist of with the tools I’ve got?

buy some regular grow and add to it casein from the protein factory. Whey gets absorbed too fast and should not be utilized for long lasting protein levels. laters pk

That is what I use. I have to take lactaid with the shake though since I’m lactose intolerant. I just started doing this about three days ago. My “pump” lasts a couple of days now and my recovery time is virtually nil. This habit I think could make some people break through plateaus. Also do not wake yourself for this! Let your sleep cycle wake you. Don’t set alarms. You will get back to sleep much faster if you let it happen naturally. It will happen too. Your metabolism will be so fired up you will wake up 3-4 hours later hungery as a bear. Funny thing is that I grew so much when I was an early teen that I did this anyway… all the way back then. Now I needed an intelligent article to be put in my face to remind me of the powerful effects of eating every three hours even when asleep.

Olive oil and 2% milk? Whatever happened to the massive eating rules? And milk…the insulin effect of lactose is HUGE. Anyway, I’ve been reading about how protein oxidizes and produces an insulin response, so I’m not sure night feeding is the best idea with insulin sensitivity being so low at that time. At least lean more toward casein and less toward whey in the mix.

I think the night feedings are a logical idea if one’s primary aim is to pack on mass. However, for me, I found that it was much tougher to lose fat when interupting that 8 hr. fast. This practice just does not fit my goals (lean, fit-not huge).