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Cat Woman vs. Wonder Woman


I'm saying Cat Woman... Black leather... Enough said.


Ohhhh YEAH!


Oops I thought this was about the porno called Catwoman Vs. Wonderwomen.

Wonderwomen could do some wonderful things with catwomen.


Neither wins the fight.

They start fighting, it goes to the ground, they roll around a bit, pulling hair ect...

Then they both start to realize how much they like it, and how horny they're getting, then start making out, and having wild lesbian sex.

It goes this way everytime they start to fight.


You might as well invite Rogue and Jean Grey to the orgy.


I like that story line. I see a forever running show if that were true.


As a comic book fan...what the hell..

Seriously, Wonder Woman would beat the breaks off of Catwoman. Hell, she could give Superman a proper ass whooping. Put the whole "lesbian cat fight jellow mud wrestling" shit aside, Wonder Woman would smash that ass with ease.


Brings to mind that DC comics has announced the return of Batwoman, and she's gonna be a lesbian. Gentlemen, were up for a threesome by the looks it.