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Cat in the Box


I'm so talented, I even find stuff in Japanese!


Dogs are better than cats!

Cat in the box, I wonder if that would give the same effect as dick in the box as a gift...


x2 dogs are better than cats!

If you were the delivery man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome. I was half afraid to watch this, because I though it might have something to do with Schrodinger's cat.


And now it does.

Nice work.

The paradox is, even after opening the thread, one can state truthfully that the thread is simultaneously about, and not about, Schrödinger's cat.

Now that's uncertainty.


Haha that's great.

You want Japanese? Seen this?


I know, I should try Dog in the Box!


Kawaii neko!


4:00 makes me laugh


That was awesome! BOING!

That's an intelligent looking cat. What's weird is that it even had Japanese looking eyes.



^ what i thought


This cat is awesome.


Observation changes everything.

I'm not clicking on the link because I know it's just a rick roll.


That's how they do it in Japan. They have the cats "package themselves" before being shipped off to the freezer section of the local supermarket.



one of my favorites...Ernesto Hoost looks like a giant in comparison. I can't imagine how "hot" that wasabi roll was.