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Casual Steriods

i dont know if this has happened to anyone else at the gym but it happens to me all the time. im 18 and have been working out hard for about 3 years and i am managing to look fairly impressive in the gym, at least for my age anyway, and i just managed to break the 250 mark on bench press. anyway, because of this people who i have never met will start telling me of the steriod cycles they are on or are about to begin, just in a matter of fact sort of way. i guess they are assuming that i used steriods to get where i am although im all natural. this all just pisses me off because i know that these guys are just kids, some not even 15. they havent finished growing and they will be fucked for life if they start juicing at that age(most are at least a head shorter than me and im only 6 feet). it also pisses me off that its only the second week ive seen them in the gym and they are already using or planning to use roids, they should at least get past the newbie gains! this just all pissed me off so i felt like saying it

I feel your pain. It’s sad, really, the whole situation.

Please talk some sense into these mindless retards. Use yourself as an example as being able to do it “natural”. If they don’t believe you then just educate them a little and get them to stop using for God sake.

Try and turn them on to this site. I won’t go into the problems they will have from starting steriods at to young an age. Guide them and show them that they can get results without wasting their money and health on steriods. Most young’em won’t react to health reasoning, but they will react to loss of cash.