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Casual Shoes for Adults


I lived up north for a while, where I would wear boots about half the year to keep the tootsies dry and toasty.

However, now that I'm in the South, it's either sandals, athletic shoes, or dress shoes. When I was younger, I'd pretty much just sport a pair of new balances and be done w/ it. However, I often find myself in situations where that just looks silly (any place w/ slacks, basically). I'll usually go for the dress shoes, but there's gotta be something out there more middle of the road.

A fancier sandal is one option, though it's easy for that to cross over to something w/ a more feminine style.

Boat shoes are classic, though the leather ones can get warm.

A cheap pair of simple slip-ons are casual enough (they're slip-ons) while simple enough to pass anywhere. Plus, they have a bit of an 80's vans vibe.

Even a clean pair of chucks, shell toes, or indoor soccer shoes can get by in many settings.

The trend a couple years ago was to where shoes that looked like, to me anyway, fancy bowling shoes (mostly sold at department stores).

Please, don't even think about crocs.

I guess nike makes mostly "fashion" shoes now, but I don't see the value.

Anyway, what styles are you all sporting these days?


Boat shoe guy myself



These are my three go to, plus the deck shoes you already mentioned.


I just really wear suede desert boots, just got a variety of colour to go with different trousers. Only really wear trainers if it's with shorts.


Translated this text.


Fuck, do yanks not just call all sport shoes trainers lol?


I have a hard time wearing shoes that aren't some type of running/walking shoes. My feet tend to hurt after an hour or so.


Cole Haan. Great mix of shoes from sporty to dressy.


In the south they're tennis shoes and in the north they're sneakers.

I just thought it was funny how that sentence seemed more packed than normal with things that we use a different word (or spelling) for lol.


I have a pair of black nappa leather driving shoes, and a pair of dark grey venetian-style loafers. Those have both worked well to cross between levels of formality.

Basically these:

The second in dark grey though.


I call them gym shoes.





lol wtf is this, there's like one guy in the Outer Banks who calls them jumpers.



I've got legs today.

Better wear my plimsolls.


Shoes = not boots


That is the only type of shoes made. Everything is either a shoe or a boot. No trainers, no sneakers, no tennis shoes....we simiplify everything here in good old WV haha


Damn you. Those maps are going to shut me down for the day at work.


I was just about to recommend them.

These are also some of the most comfortable boots I have worn.





I'm sorry, but I can't consider anything over 100 bucks casual.


I think that of the shoes I listed only 1 was over $100. However, I am only on my second pair since I was a freshman in highschool. The last ones lasted 9 years of fairly consistent wear.