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Casual Clothing for a Fit Person


Im trying to find some good casual clothing that actually look good on a decently fit person. With business and formal wear I can always have it tailored to fit... but that isn't practical for every day clothing. I went shopping with my fiancée today and it seemed like all the clothes was either meant to fit an emo-boy or an obese person.

What brands of clothing have you found that fit you well?


Levi's 501 jeans and a band t-shirt, can't go wrong. Polos suck.

This probably wasn't too helpful, sorry.


Polos and Arrows fit me pretty well. Van Heusen shirts are pretty good too.


Nautica is pretty good too.


lol what's wrong with Polos?


Armani is normally cut pretty well for someone in shape, Guess jeans also seem to fit and CK shirts.


Heh, nothing. Just don't like wearing 'em. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nike and Under Armour.


Oh I figured this out a while back.

Wear the Nike/Adidas/fila/underarmor...etc... active wear athletic shirts that aren't compression shirts.

Athletic shirts that are made to evaporate sweat away and all that are made of polyester and such and will fit a big frame without looking ridiculous or being tailored to your exact measurements. They aren't ridiculously tight shirts that hug your shit or anything so you don't look like a huge douche bag wearing them just around in public.

They do breath quite well, since they are for sports, which is a big concern for me as I run hot...And they are cut CORRECTLY to accommodate broad shoulders without being like a dress at the bottom, and best of all they can stretch in the right areas so they don't squeeze the fuck out of your back or chafe under your arms.

Most T shirts I have found that will fit my shoulders/back don't fit right elsewhere because they are made for some fat fuck, I wear a XXL or a XL but I have a 34 inch waist...and Im not 6'5...

For just general, casual, everyday wear... Academy and Kohls are a God send for lifters.


Target is awesome


X2 on the UA, their polos are the best IMO and the streatch so as you get bigger you don't have to buy new clothes. They also don't shrink and never really need ironed.


If you're looking for casual work clothes, i've found express to hold some really good stuff for pretty cheap. Their 1mx shirts are stretchy and breathable on hot days.




x2 on this, I wear mainly collared shirts and they come from one of three places... for standard colors I go to walmart, for more color I go to express, and for the rest I go to khols.... rocking a 15 to 20 dollar vest with a walmart shirt always works for me... otherwise its a t-shirt or some type of loose fit underarmor....

jeans are a pain though, which is why I love my carhart....


my fave brands are polo and under armour. obviously, polo for more formal occasions and under armor for more casual times. i like to keep it simple, ya know?


Z. Cavaricci fit great.


Zara and A/X is great for...ya know....getting laid?


You bank on brand names to get you laid? Sucks to be as ugly as you mannnn


For once I agree with you, at least on this issue.


Lucky or hollister jeans work out pretty well for me, and I'll vouch for express also plus they usually have some decent sales going.