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Caster Semenya and Political Correctness


Why was everyone boo-hooing that she/he had to be gender tested? I mwan it was competing against women but had zero feminine features. My question is: why were people complaining about caster being tested? And after casters condition was discovered why was Caster allowed to compete with the women.

I know the answer to that, it's because she felt in her heart she was a woman. Never mind that caster contained 3x the amount of testosterone as a real woman. I really believe I could get a lawsuit if I tried to go join a college female basketball team and they reject me because im male.


A secret man? Yes.


Fuck off, Headhunter, you sad prick.





I think it's reasonable to question whether she should be allowed to compete. But this post is wrong. She's not 'a man.' She doesn't have a penis or '3x the testosterone of a woman.' Or if she does, it doesn't have the same effect it would in a normal man's body. Pretty sure she has androgen insensitivy syndrome, meaning that she has XY chromosones, but the body is insensitive to testosterone's effect. In Atlanta Olympics, it was found that there were seven genetically male athletes with AIS. They were allowed to compete. So, this is issue is not unique to Caster.

They don't just let them because they 'feel like women' either. The evaluation includes analysis by an endocrinologist and gynecologist. Fair question though to ask whether such people should be able to compete as women. No one really knows what the physiological advantages are and to what extent they exist.