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Castellano? Spanish?


Estoy pensando si hay algunos por esto foro que hablen castellano como primera lengua o fluidamente?

I'm wondering if there is anyone on this forum that might speak Spanish as a first language or fluently?

If so how'd you learn? Where you from?


Yep, need anything?


Nope. Don't need anything.

De donde eres? Cual es su ascendencia?

Donde vives ahora?


yo hablo español, he sido member de T-Nation desde hace 5 años aproximadamente...PERU


simon guey


Muy bien. Yo soy de Bolivia. No hay algunos mas que hablan Castellano?


Hey guys, I'm doing a 6 month volunteering stint in Mexico, currently the only Spanish I know is
Usted es muy linda

Any other useful phrases you can recommend?

I am going to try and learn some conversational Spanish before I head out, but any tips would be cool


Estoy de Nacion Testosterona.


Good luck with that dude, most of what people speak here is Mexican slang, and not the beautiful and pure form of Castellano. I studied it in high school and loved learning it, but had little use for it here.


Si. Apprendi porque mi madre es mexicana. Necessito practicar mas, por no perder la fluidez.


Yeah its horrible in the southwest...i know spanish but Its hard to find oppurtunities to use it, because although im surrounded by mexicans I can never understand what the fuck they are talking about, because of ridiculously unclear grumbly accents mixed with slang. I just get frustrated and don't even want to talk to them after a few attempts. Consequentily I think i am starting to lose it.


For some reason, when I curse at them in Italian, they seem to understand me. Any other Italian verbage they don't get. Weird.


Maybe because both languagues have some similar sounding words, and they are more familiar with curses than any other kind of words? That is odd.


for those who complain about garbly Spanish and slang, guess what people trying to learn English say about the average American they meet?


Sabo un poco espanol. Es mal lol.


That they have disturbing gay pedobear avatars?


You probably have a point, but this is America, where English is spoken. So they have to learn the language just like I had to coming from Italy and others from other countries. BTW, there was no ESL when I was in school.


So even if I do learn Spanish, I may not be able to converse all that well with the locals because of their bastardised use of language? Shit.

(and before nayone takes offence to my use of the word bastardised, I'd class the English spoken in the UK by the majority of the population as bastardised, my self included).


i speak enough to get by and ask where good places for desayuno are. i really need to work on it though.

whats funny is i work with a Mexican guy and he's the only one who doesnt speak 10,000 words per minute. Try fucking with Essssssthpana

i had to hold back from busting out laughing when my cab driver kept talking about thaltha (salsa)


It's funny, I have a friend that's speaks Italian and I can speak Spanish. We can talk to each other in our respective languages but as soon as a verb comes along (they inevitably do), I can't understand a damn thing.

To the OP, I am from Florida originally so I learned from constant face time (as well as learning the "pure" castellano in school). Get a basic understanding and then immerse yourself in it.

Roual, don't use the verb "coger" while in Mexico (or La Republica Dominicana y Cuba). You will see in dictionaries that it means "to grab" but in the countries listed, it means "to fuck". That and "Donde esta el bano" are good things to know.