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Cassetti's Log


Decided to start a log.

I'm a 19 year old male from Iceland. Been training mostly on and off for 1.5 years now and only time I manage to do it with some consistency is during the summer. This is because I compete in badminton almost every weekend during the winter season. Playing with the under 19's national team the last 2 years and under 17's 2 years before that.

I got Jumper's Knee on both of my knees last season so I've not been able to squat for months. Been going to physio but still they are shot (would really appreciate if someone had something to say about that)


Bench: 75kg
Squat: 130kg or 100kgx20
Deadlift: 185kg

All lifts are at ca 80kg

Yesterdays workout, 29/06.

BB Bent-Over Row: 90kgx10 (+6 reps since last!)
Pullups: BW+10kgx7 (+2 reps)
DB Row: 43,5kgx7 (+1 rep, shoulder bugging me)
BB Curl: 45kgx3 (still to heavy...)
Pinwheel Curls: 20kgx25 (+10 reps)
Preacer Curls: 15kgx15 (+7 reps)

My arms burned.

Very happy with the workout since I was feeling like crap the whole day except the time in the gym.


01/07 - Power Clean + Shoulders

Power Clean: 75kgx2x3 and 75kgx1x3 (increase by 2,5kg since last, target is six doubles)
Millitary Press: 55kgx6 (+2 reps and better form)
Bent-Over Lateral Raise: 12,5kgx10 (+2,5kg -2 reps)
Front Raises: 15kgx8 (+2 reps but way to much body english)
BB Upright Row: 40kgx5 (switching from EZ-bar since the weights were getting in my way)
Facepulls: 10platesx15 (+3 reps)


Today’s, 03/07/2009


DB Flat Press: 32kgx7 (+2 reps)
Inc. BB Press: 50kgx6 (-1 rep)
Close-Grip Bench Press: 65kgx6 (same)
Dips: BW+20kgx7 (+1 rep)

Did some DC Chest Stretching: 20kg DB’s for ca 85 sec.

Not happy with the training, bad sleeping and killing work may be the reason. Weekend is upon us and I will hopefully catch up with some much needed sleep.


05/07/2009 - Back/Bis

BB Row: 92,5kgx8 (+2,5kg and -2 reps = good)
Pullups: BW+10kgx8 RP:5+2+1 (+1 rep)
DB Row: 43,5kgx12 RP (+5 reps!)
BB Curl: 42,5kgx7 (-2,5kg +4 reps) - Weight was too heavy last time.
Pinwheels: 30kgx5 (+10kg -20 reps) - The only DBs after 20kg are 30kg so I decided to try them out. Reps were poor but the form was the same the whole time.
Preacher Curls: 17,5kgx12 (+2,5kg -3 reps)

Very happy with this, very good intensity the whole workout thanks to Behemoth’s new album Evangelion.


08/07/2009 - Power Clean and Shoulders/Traps with Squats

*Back Squat: 45kgx6, 65kgx4, 75kgx2 and 85kgx3
Power Clean: 75kgx2x6 (+3 reps in total)
Millitary Press: 55kgx4 (-2 reps, dunno what happened there)
Bent-Over Lateral Raises: 12,5kgx12 (+2 reps)
DB Front Raise: 15kgx12 (+4 reps)
BB Upright Row: 40kgx9 (+4 reps)
Facepulls: 11plx10 (+1 plate -5 reps)

Machine Crunches: 14plx10 (+1 plate, -5 reps)

*Haven’t been able to Squat for almost a year because of poor knees. Felt amazing to be able to do some again.


Uploading some pictures in the evening if overtime doesn’t kill me.


Work has been brutal the last week in addition to having 3 buddies over from Iceland resulted in less training time. Only got 2 sessions in.

Sunday - 12/07/2009 - Chest + Tris

DB Press: 32kgx8 (+1 rep)
Inc. BB BP: 55kgx4 (+5kg -2 reps) Didn’t know until after that I had increased the weight…
GCBP: 65kgx7 (+1 rep)
Dips: BW+20kgx6 (-1 rep)
DC Chest Stretch: 20kg DB’s for 90sec (+5 sek) Oh my, these are painful
Machine Crunches: 15plx15 (+3 reps)

Had expected much poorer performance after spending the previous days drinking.

Thursday - 16/07/2009 - Back + Bis

BB Row: 92,5kgx10 (+2 reps)
Pullups: BW+10x4+2+1 (-1 rep)
BB Curl: 42,5kgx8 (+1 rep)
Pinwheel Curls: 32kgx12 (+7 reps) - Form is still poor, will focus on that next time.

Was pressed for time and kept the workout short.

Looking forward to do some Power Cleans tonight.


Had to postpone the evening session to the morning due to bloody 12+ hour shifts.

19/07/2009 - Power Clean, Shoulders and Traps

Power Clean: 77,5kgx2x6 (+2,5kg)
Millitary Press: 55kgx5 (+1 rep)
BO LR: 15kgx7 (+2,5kg -8 reps) Poor form
Front Raise: 15kgx15 (+3 reps)
BB UR: 40kgx10 (+1 rep)
Facepulls: 11plx14 (+4 reps)

Very happy with the Power Clean. Will switch out Millitary Press for Seated DB Press and lower the weight on Facepulls since the form is horrible.


Been slacking in updating the log.

Tuesday - 21/07/2009 - Chest + Triceps

DB Press: 32kgx6 (-2 reps)
Inc. BB Press: 55kgx5 (+1 rep)
GGBP: 65kgx6+2 (+1 rep in total)
Dips: BW+20kgx7 (+1 rep)
DC Chest Stretch and high rep rope pressdowns in the end.

I feel like I’m not doing any solid progress on most of the exercises so I’ve tried to try out Wendler’s 5/3/1. Did my first workout yesterday and started by doing deadlifts.

24/07/2009 - 5/3/1 Week 1 Deadlifts


142,5kgx6 - This last set was very hard.

Good Mornings:

60kgx12 - Never done GMs before but felt them pretty good.

Leg Raises: 5x12

Morning after report: I can’t walk. The 1.5-2 hour soccer game I played later that day may have something to do with it though. Anyway, the love/hate relationship has begun.


26/07/2009 - 5/3/1 Week 1 Millitary Press





Neutral Grip Chin-ups:


Different, harder and unlike any other stuff I’ve tried. It’s fun though.


Starting updates again. Just started WS4SB.

19/06/10 - ME UB

BB Flat Bench Press: 60kgx4
Incline DB Bench Press: 12.5kgx20 and 12.5kgx16
DB Row / Face Pulls: 3 sets of 25kgx12 and 5plx12
BB Shrugs: 40kgx15, 85kgx15, 85kgx15
BB Curl: 30kgx12, 32.5kgx8, 32.5kgx12

20/06/10 - DE LB

Box SQ to Box Jump: 5 sets of 3 jumps to the second highest box.
Bulgarian SS: 3 sets of BWx10
45° Hyperexstensions: BWx12, 5kgx12, 5kgx12
Hanging Leg Raises: 12, 10 and 8 reps.

22/06 - Rep UB

Flat DB Press: 17.5kgx15, 20kgx12, 20kgx9
Lat Pulldown / Rear Delt Flyes: 7pl + 5kg: 12 reps and 3 sets of 9pl + 5kg: 12 reps.
DB Millitary Press: 12.5kgx12, 15kgx7, 15kgx8
BB Shrugs / BB Curl: 90kgx10 + 32.5kgx10.

Messed up my neck during the shrugs so I did some grip work and ended the session prematurely.