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Cashing in...


Thanks for the support, boys and girls. I don't think I'll provide enough "ammunition" to make this thread as "epic" as the one I think you are referring to LOL. (at least I hope no one "honors" me with a "fuck angry chicken" thread).

A few of you have questions about "why I don't just relocate" everything down there. Well, I might, but not right away. I don't know the territory at all, haven't done a market study, or any of that to see if it would even be worth it. My gut tells me that if the right conditions existed, someone would have already done it. Also, my investment properties are up here (someone above asked: I have four residential houses that I own free and clear and rent out). As a land lord, I suppose I COULD have a property mgmt company take care of that, but then someone else would be maintaining my properties and I'm not comfortable with that. For example, I was a commercial electrician for a decade, so I know a thing or two about construction - most of the assholes that fix up houses (especially rental properties for absentee landlords) do the BARE MINIMUM in terms of quality (over stupid shit too - like choosing a box of cheap plastic anchors for $3 instead of quality ones for $8). That's not how I want to protect my investment.

The main concern, however, is time. I have so many balls in the air right now, it's not even funny. The economy has been so fucked up over the last few years, I've pretty much jumped on every opportunity that care around. Now some of them panned out and some didn't, but the energy and effort to do that is pretty considerable. I took a look at the books and I've come to the conclusion, after I did the math, that 50% of my income was coming from about 20% or 30% of my activity. Then I did the math about how much money I really NEEDED to stay within a simple budget. Turns out, I don't really NEED to work so much! When my accountant gets back from vacation, I'm going to run everything by him (we are good friends and I trust his judgment).

I don't know how long this "break" will last. If I go to school, it could be three years or so. Or I might decide to move down there and open a business or something. Who knows? It's too early to tell. All I know is that I can't do what I'm currently doing and spend the time I need to with my kids and I can afford to stop. So I am. We'll see where the road takes me. If it's anything like the first 35 years, I'm sure it will be both interesting and entertaining to say the least! LOL

So there you have it - now you guys can start looking out for me on other forums besides SAMA and GAL cuz I'll actually be trying to make progress in the gym now (as opposed to fighting a losing battle to see my abs LOL) In my late 20's I was pretty big (245 lbs ~15% BF, 335 bench, 500+ squat, 550+ DL, 275+ power clean, juicin like it was no one's business), we'll see if I can get some of that back naturally. And I know: POIDNH - I'll be sure to take some pics.

Again, thanks for the support, everyone.


Proper planing and discipline can reduce the need for all three in most cases, IMHO. (just sayin')


Since you have all this time on your hands now, you should teach me how pick up chicks at bars in the area!!

Once my parents split up when I was younger, my dad hung around for a bit but ended up moving away b/c he couldn't afford the area. He is only about 1.5hrs away, but didn't really make any effort to see my brother and I. Not having a male role model can be detrimental to kids. I was old enough to recognize that and make the necessary changes, but not being able to even throw the pigskin around in the backyard with your old man and not get fatherly advice whenever needed has made me realize how important it will be for my kids whenever I have them.

This is a great idea. I wish you the best of luck.


You forgot words


Once things get settled, i'll PM you.