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Cashing in...


Been doing some soul searching lately. Recent developments have my kids moving 3+ hours away. I'll spare you all the whole ex-wife drama bullshit, but it was not a pretty divorce. Anyway, I'm now at a cross roads. Don't worry, I'm not polling for advice here, it's a no brainer for me: Sell the businesses and be closer to my kids.

Fortunately, I'm in a good position to do that. I have enough passive income from my investment properties to meet the bare expenses. I can still cherry pick some of the loan referrals I get and pass on the one's I don't want to deal with. I also have considerable savings, plus what I'll get from "cashing in". So the money thing is not an issue for me.

So the way I see it, there will always be opportunities in business. I know how to do that and can do it anytime I want to, but I have a very finite window of time to be a good father to my kids. Having grown up with an "absent dad", I know all too well the consequences of that and I am NOT going to allow that to happen with my kids. I have plenty of money (both of their college is paid for already and then some), so to consider just making more would be just selfish (IMHO). Besides, if the market eventually improves, it'll be a much better environment to make money in anyway. If it doesn't, then I won't be stressed as it tanks (and the commercial Real Estate crash is right around the corner, so who knows how the market will react to that).

So here's the plan: live a STRESS FREE existence. Have the time and energy to make the commute several days a week to spend Quality time with the kids. Work out, eat and get HUGE (lol). Maybe bartend a few nights a week for fun and some easy money (and easy pussy - lol). This would also be a good time to do something I've ALWAYS wanted to do: get a college degree (I probably won't do that right away, but I'm considering it).

So there you have it - I'm cashing in and gonna take it easy for a few years. I've earned it and my kids deserve it.

That's the plan, man.


Man so much respect for the poster right here. You are a T-man and that's the truth. I haven't really got much to say except good luck with everything. Gives your kids a good role model and experience those memories that you and they will remember for the rest of your lives. Yeah its a bit poetic but life is emotional.

Financially, because you went to some depth about it, were you getting streams of rental income or were you in the property market mainly for capital gains? We talking residential or commercial here? Im a total dummie with regard to this stuff but i'm interesting because I've recently started reading the business section of the newspaper and watching CNBC (go figure) in addition to my business degree.


Good luck to you and your cock of all nations, bud:)

Seriously. Have a great time with the kids and life in general.


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inb4 Bodyguard


this sounds ludicrous. You must have a lot of money to be content....well I suppose there are other things to attain happiness from....but they cost so damn much.

Well, a big jealous FUCK YOU for being awesome and wishes for the best of luck.


So your cashing in, gunna be closer to your kids, gunna be getting laid, gunna start school back up, and gunna live a stress free life!

Welcome to my world!!! Live the dream!!!! Except I'm broke and don't get laid..

Oh and I don't go to school, but I am stress free!!! Well until rents due, then FML!! But other than that we are the same brotha!


QFT. Wish more parents would realize this.


I can relate to this thread, as I am in a somewhat similar situation with the military. I figure it's time to leave it behind and pursue my own interests. That includes college and such. I don't have kids just yet, but that will probably come in time. Best of luck to you and the kids, AC. You sound like the epitome of a T-Man.


I find it interesting as to what kind of business you own that you could not relocate within a 3 hour range to be closer to your kids. Be sure your ex does not decide to relocate again or all of your efforts will be for naught.

I have never met a successful person at your age that just decided to sell everything and relax. Sure you will take a break, hit the beach and drink a few margaritas with a spicy latina, but after a few months, you can only sit by idle for so long. I have a feeling you will be back on the horse sooner then you think.


awwwww chicken isnt so angry now is he???

i think this "plan" is an excellent idea!! what an amazing dad you are, and what lucky kids!!
ENJOY every second.. :slight_smile: not many people have this luxury you have in your lap...
sorta young temporary retirement :slight_smile: sounds wonderful!

so we can expect more progress pics in TILF soon :wink:

** Dreams are like raindrops - if you don't mind getting wet, take some chances and start catching them.**


good luck man


Good luck with everything, man. Keep us updated.


Good luck AC, sounds like you're making a good choice ... good luck to you and your children! Oh, about the gettin huge thing: Pics or it didn't happen


He'll give you pics if you bet him $200 that he's not huge.

Sorry, I'm mixing threads again.

But, yeah, AC, sounds like you're making a good decision.


samesies for the easy pussy.

But seriously, best of luck to you and there need to be more dads like you.


Question: Why not move closer to your kids if you have the resources? 3 hours is a hell of a long drive and ultimately more time to spend with them.
Dont bring that those bar hos home to the kids =P

College =D


It's stuff like this that makes me want your thread to be EPIC


Hey good luck.

It's good you have the cash. Because a problem that can be solved with money isn't a problem. It's an expense.


Brute Force, Violance, and Money all have one thing in common... if they don't solve your problem, you simply aren't using enough.