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Cashews + ZMA: Too Much Magnesium


I tried a serving of a buddy's ZMA and lo and behold I slept well and woke up before my alarm clock. Brilliant.

Here's the problem I want to address before I spend $10bux$ on this $tuff: My pre-bed meal includes about 2-3 servings of cashews and 16 ounces of milk. The milk thing's not a big deal as I've read where I can get by by taking the ZMA about an hour earlier.

What are my chances of going overboard here with the magnesium? Looking at label of my planter's cashews halves & pieces (delicious) tells me that one serving contains 20% of the daily value for magnesium for someone on a 2 grand calorie diet. I'm taking in between 3-3.5 grand a day.

So will I be ok doing this and taking the ZMA supp? Does my pre-bed meal suck anyway and need to be changed? Who is the more talented actress: Raven Riley or Riley Mason?


Well atleast you have time as ZMA is outta stock anyway.

Personally I would think that is a huge Carb bomb for a pre-bed meal.


The magnesium (Mg) in the cashews is a less absorable form compared to the chelated stuff in the ZMA. The fiber in the nuts will also affect the absorption of the naturally occuring magnesium. Then there is the question of the nuts containing the amount of magnesium said to be in there.

The easiest way to tell if you've got to much Mg going in is to watch your stools (gross I know) as Mg is a stool softener. Try it and find out. You'll know pretty quickly whether you need to cut back on the nuts.


Dog i think ur fine on the Mg for 3-3.5Cal the cashew serving of 20% gets reduced to 12-15% this puts u at rougly 125-130% Mg which i dont think is a big deal.

I mean u go over ur daily allowance on plenty of ions everyday in ur case with all the protein shakes, nuts, and especially milk id say u are well overshooting ur Ca and ur still ok.

Also u may want to consider just taking two pills before bed.