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Cashback Removal


Anyone have any experience in removing this evil scourge of hell from my PC?

It installed itself, along with some lovely adware and links I didn’t want and now a little doggie pops up in my system tray whenever I log onto the net. I have had a go at deleting cashback and bargains from my program files, as well as deleting the registry entries as per recommendations from a couple of websites, but the *#&$ing thing keeps returning. As soon as windows starts it tries to log onto the net, I assume to re-download another version of its hellspawn self.

I hate this &#^$ing thing.

Any help would be mucho appreciated.


[quote]doogie wrote:

I would go with the free AdAware from Lavasoft before I would use any Microsoft spyware product.

Maybe that’s because I’m a techie and have learned to hate Microsoft?

Additionally make sure you have a good anti virus program and keep the defs up to date.

Download Mozilla’s FireFox browswer - after you get this cashback thing fixed.

Microsoft anti-spyware is the most effective program I have used to remove that type of crap.

I agree with Booker T, go with Ad-Aware or Spybot, both excellent programs. Here’s the link directly to PC World to download them.


And while you’re at it, download the ZoneAlarm firewall product, or something similar.

I’m a techie too, and IMHO M$'s Anti-spyware program is a pretty nifty product, and it’s FREE.

Here’s the equation: Firewall + Anti-virus + Real-time spyware scanner = good defense. Surf smart, and be careful where you click!

I run Ad-aware, Spybot, and the Microsoft Antispyware. Microsoft almost always catches stuff the other two miss.