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Cash for Refridgerators



the value of those free fridges that I always see on the side of the road just went up.


So when we will have "Cash for Video Games"? That way I can trade in my Atari 2600 for a PS3.

Or, shit, why not "Cash for TV's"? I still have only tube televisions. I need financial help from the government to upgrade to hi def.


Yeah, but it is not like they would give you a TV. They would just give a voucher to destroy a TV that works which would be good to make a purchase on a new TV. See how that stimulates the economy?


I think this program's actual purpose is to humiliate us all, and make us embarassed to be Americans.


No, that's just a bonus. The purpose is to destroy individual freedom and grow government even bigger than GWB grew it.

We won't have time to complain about Dear Leader while we are working like slaves to repair all the damage he and his minions cause.

...change we can believe in, ya know?


LOL. Success!