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Casey's Workout in the '70s

Hi Dr. D,

I know you’ve written so much about Caseys’ training in the early 70’s. There’s an article that shows the same exercises - just more sets. Are you familiar with the article? Did Casey do more sets at times as in this article?

Thank you!

I took those two photos of Casey in the summer of 1978, six weeks before he competed in the the NABBA Mr. Universe. Jim Flanagan and I trained Casey for six months prior to those photos and we thought he was in his best shape ever.

Between when those photos were taken and the contest – which was about six weeks – we should have reduced Casey’s training routine. But we didn’t. As a result, he lost some muscle and he wasn’t in his best shape. He barely lost the Mr. Universe contest to Dave Johns.

I discuss the contest with Casey in Chapter 12 of The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results.

Casey left the Nautilus Headquarters in Florida in 1979 and relocated to California. I never saw him in person again, but I did communicate with him briefly by email when I assembled the book above.

I don’t know about the accuracy of the routines Casey performed in California. I do know he made amazing results when he trained in a harder, briefer style. I watched most of it with my own eyes.

I was at that '78 Universe. I was open mouthed that human beings could look like that. In comparison to Dave Johns, Casey’s midsection looked bloated to my inexperienced eyes. Dave Johns had the biggest buttocks I’ve ever seen on a man! I was also at the '82 Olympia in London. Casey had the best stage presence of all of them and should’ve won.Screenshot 2020-10-19 at 13.15.47 78

Screenshot 2020-10-19 at 13.17.44 82

Thanks Dr. D,

I own and have read the “New Bodybuilding Book…”. It’s excellent. I was just curious since this author stated he witnessed his training and it was the exercises you wrote about however instead of 1 set he did 3 sets only on his upper body…

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Understood Jeff. Casey looks incredible in those pictures.

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I still remember those giant-sized, red, posing trunks that Dave Johns wore. They must have been tailored to fit his huge buttocks. Johns’ trunks should have reduced his scores significantly.