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Casey Anthony Is a POS


tell me im wrong i dare you...she should be fried asap for killing her child. its disgusting


Yeah, but would you do 'er?

The prosecution did a lousy job. Fortunately, the defense is just plain dumb....The case is going to appeals, there are to many holes on both sides....I don't know if you can get a murder 1 conviction with out a cause of death and a definitive murder weapon. You can get a murder 2 conviction with a good circumstantial case, not murder 1. She's a cunt, but the evidence lacks.

It's interesting to listen to it though.


so, did she do it? I don't know shit about the case, just seen a glimpse on the news. Someone cliff-notes it for me. :slightly_smiling:


Ok, well being a hetero sexual and all, this case has intrigued me. I have managed to completely ignore big media court cases. I never watched a second of OJ, or anybody else for that matter, but something about this case intrigues me...
I think what drags me in is the whole concept, whether you know you were responsible or not, your 2 year old daughter is dead, and you go out raising hell. I really, really don't know what kind of person you have to be to hide that fact, that well.

To my embarrassment, I know the whole case. Here is the 20 second synopsis....

The prosecution is going for 7 counts including murder 1. They have a slam dunk circumstantial case. The kid is dead, and some how Casey is responsible, but they don't know how the kid died and they cannot prove she did it intentionally. It sound likely, but they can't prove it.

The defense has a shoddy story that nobody will ever believe and they can't prove shit.

You can't predict a jury, but I don't see a case of clear premeditated murder based on the evidence.
I think she is guilty as hell.


Average person doesn't think rationally enough to judge based on the evidence. They'll vote whichever way they want.