Does casein contain all the essential basic amino acids, and as such is it a complete protein source? I know whey is. Also is casein a better source than whey for meal protein fortification? I hear it has a higher protein uptake by the body.

Personally i think the best thing to do is combine the best of both worlds. Mix some casein(i like micellar casein but damn its expensive) and any whey concentrate together for both fast and slow absobtion rates. During and after workouts, stick to a fast hydrolized whey and bcaa’s

…but as for your questions, yes, casein is a complete protein. Is it better than whey? That depends on who you ask and what your goals are. Whether or not it has a higher “protein uptake” also depends on what you mean by that. It digests slowly, so, conceivably more protein might get to you, eventually, than a faster souce which may deaminate some depending on meal composition.

Thanks for the replies guys. Just one more question. I heard that the liver destroys some large percentage of whey protein consumed as opposed to other proteins. Is this true?