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Casein-Whey Ratio


I've been experimenting with mixing whey and casein in different proportions in order to get a daytime protein shake. The idea is to use it as an ideal protein replacement drink (combined with fat or carbs) which can be used during all training phases - bulking, cutting etc.

In the past, I've found 1:1 ratio of whey:casein to work well as far as catabolism is concerned. However, I feel that increasing the ratio of whey might make the drink more anabolic.

If you have tried making your own protein drinks from casein/whey, I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences.


In the past, when I was getting most of my protein from shakes, I did a 1:1 ratio of whey to casein also.


I use a 3:2 casein to whey ration and that seems to work best for me.




why not more like 80/20 casien over whey. Thats right about the protein profile of milk. Take out the fats and carbs and theres a damn fine ratio for a replacement powder IMO. Giving a small dose of FAST whey right now and a slow sustained release over time.

I mean even casien will release some aminos right off the bat its not like its time released and all the sudden drops a amino bomb it is simply digested slower.

So taking that Metabolic Drive seems like a damn fine choice.

Thats my take,