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Casein vs. whey when dieting?

I just read an article on another site that references a study published in 2000 by Demling and DeSanti where the effects of consuming 1.5 g/kg/day of protein as either casein protein hydrolysate or whey protein hydrolysate were compared in resistance training adults on 80% of maintenance calories.
The study found that whilst weight loss was the same, those consuming the casein lost significantly more fat and gained significantly more muscle and strength than those consuming the whey.
Anyone got any thoughts on these results?

Nothing new. Read “Battle of the Proteins”

For the most part, I’ve always understood whey was anabolic and casein was anti-catabolic. Some studies suggest the anti-catabolic has greater overall effect than the anabolic effect. I like primarily whey hydrolysate for pre/post work out for the anabolic effect and casein at all other times as “meal replacement” for the anti-catabolic effect.

I think I remember that egg protein used to be considered best because it had the highest NPU and PER. Then came whey with the highest BV. (or was that only a short interlude when egg was considered ‘the best’?). So after decades of bashing, casein seems to be the protein of choice now and I wouldn’t be surprised if new studies would lead to other findings… Eat your protein (any kind; well, maybe not too much soy) - worry about other things…

Hey Cy - a quick question. I just re-read battle of the proteins and a question popped up. I know that cottage cheese is mostly casein, but how does it compare with casein powder? Is it as effective in terms of anti-catabolic effect etc? I`m not sure if there is any data on cottage cheese specifically but I thought I would see iy you knew. Thanks.

I’d say it’s fine to use. The only problem for some people is the lactose content, sodium, and of course the added carb content from the lactose. Don’t get me wrong, I eat tons. I’d say that if you can afford it, go with the powder, but if you’re broke, you can alternate the two.

Casien is the obvious choice, whey is too fast acting and leads to hunger. Casien takes a longer time to digest and hence leaves you satisfied longer anyway.

Thanks for the responses guys. I must have missed the ‘Battle of the Proteins’ article so I’m off to read it now.

these studies can be misleading. they do not say how aften these people ate their protein and 1.5 grams per kg is PATHETIC! Obviously if you are going to starve yourself of much needed protein then the casein will have better results. You need a blender to mix casein and it is very thick. It takes me a long time to drink my pre-sleep shake because my stomach gets so full. Whey protein isolate mixes with a spoon and can be made very concentrated. And who cares if you feel hungry. it forces you to eat more because i sure as heck need to eat more. If i know i wont have protein readily accesible for the next couple of hours then i go with my whey/casein mix other wise its just whey. b4 bed it is caein with flaxseed oil. laters pk

Sorry guys i was just curious, I don’t see alot of powders out there which are pure casein anyone got a tip on a decent tasting pure casein protein powder??? thanks