Casein-rich foods

Does anyone know of foods other than cottage cheese that are high in casein? I tried an Internet search, but didn’t come up with anything. Love my cottage cheese before bed, but I’d like a little variety every now and then…

Just bumping this up…

I believe milk has a whey to casein ratio of 1/3. Other than milk products, there aren’t any other sources.

Yeah, my understanding is also that you’re pretty much limited to milk and cottage cheese if you want primarily casein. But you can add variety to your cottage cheese routine by mixing in different stuff.

What are the advantages of taking casein protein as opposed to the other kinds?

For variety try adding different types of fruits. If you don’t want carbs, try adding a flavored low carb protein powder. I think cottage cheeze with Advanced Protein (vanilla) tastes better than vanilla ice cream.

Casein is absorbed slower, so is good to have before cudding up with Teddy.

If I remember correctly, casein is digested slowly so used as a late night snack it provides a longer, more steady release of protein to your system when you’re sleeping.

Okay, thanks for the responses guys. I happen to be pretty lactose intolerant, so most milk products are out for me. The various kinds of cheeses are okay, and I can stomach a little ice cream, but definitely no milk or cream. Gee…I can’t believe that there’s just NO OTHER FOOD that has casein! What a rip-off!!