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what are your opinions on casein proteins supplements? T-mag articles suggest them a lot.

On workout days I take: (all of this with whole milk ) 1 scoop whey, 1 scoop casein after workout, the casein supplement I use is vpx micellean protein… anyone heard of or have opinions on this? On non-workout days I take the casein before sleeping…

What casein supplements do you use if you use them? Or should I just stick to whole milk & whey ?

The vpx stuff is kind of expensive, maybe just a cheap milk protein supplement would be good (so not to have all the cholesterol/fat)?

What do you guys use?


Casein is a great source of protein but not for post w/o.

You are looking for fast acting carbs and protein. By using the casein and the whole milk with all the fats in it you are slowing down the absorption process greatly.

Hope that helps.


The vpx miscellean is supposedly good quality, haven’t tried it myself but the quality is supposedly almost as good as Dorian Yates Approved. Biotest Grow is another good option. What do these have in common? Price. BIG price. The good proteins are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. The lower your daily protein amount, the better quality it better be. Numerous tests have shown that as protein intake increases(were talking 2-3g/lb-bodyweight), the quality of the protein is not so important because of the sheer amount. So if your protein intake is 1g or less/lb. bodyweight, then make sure it is of the finest quality. An alternative is to mix whey protein with a milk protein such as cottage cheese.