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Casein Protein Powders

Lately a lot of people have been recommending casein protein over whey. What are some good protiens that contain casein BUT are low in carbs. Since I’m on the T-Dawg Diet would Whey and Non-Fat Milk do the trick? I recall a low-carb Grow was going to come out but havent heard anything since.

Met-rx protein plus is very good.

I posted a message but it was not approved for whatever reason. i just said metrx protein plus, dorian yates propeptide (micellar casein, whey conc and glutamine peptides and labradas prov6o. all taste good and the metrx mixes up thick like a shake. the prov is the best buy

I most dairy products contain high amounts of casein. Casein is commonly referred to as milk protein(correct me if i am wrong). Try taking cheese or yogurt. Beware of the low fat or lite ones though, they often substitute fat for carbs. If you are on an anabolic diet or ketogenic diet(the best short term solution for getting lean), a little fat shouldnt be a problem.

Met-rx Protein Plus contains mostly casein and minimal carbs (3-7 grams per 46 grams of protein depending on flavor). Some people don’t like the taste, but I like chocolate and vanilla.

Sources of protein that is rich in casein are non-fat cottage cheese and protein powders, particularly Pro-Peptide from Chemical Nutrition and Protein Plus from Met-RX. I can strongly recommend the Pro-Peptide powder, at least until low-carb GROW! is available. Remember, milk protein is 80% casein and 20% whey protein. If you are on the T-Dawg diet, I believe mixing your whey with skimmed milk will yield too little casein and too many carbs (sugars).