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Casein Protein Before Bed?


Is it worth investing in casein protein? im looking to put on some good weight and ive been told taking casein protein before bed is very effective.

Any advice?


I've been supplementing with cottage cheese before bed with good results. The protein in it is largely casein and I prefer having big meals than multiple small snacks.

Although I admit I add a scoop of whey to it for 2 reasons:
1) British cottage cheese tastes like ass. I have not found a single edible brand yet. But for some reason every single brand in Poland tastes fine. My whey is chocolate mint flavored so it solves that problem.

2) I like my meals to have roughly the same amount of protein each.

But if for some reason I don't have whey I just have more cottage cheese.


I use casein protein before bed. It helps with my daily calorie intake and I also wake up not feeling like I need to eat everything I can get my hands on. Off course I do eat breakfast about 30 minutes after I wake up.


I do. Use some MD low Carb, and some almond butter. great night cap.


you're not really a great ad for it though are you?


From what I've heard casein before bed is the "whey" to go, lol.
If not I have also heard about the cottage cheese.




Waitrose low-fat is pretty good - best i've had anyway

compared to ASDA's it tastes like steak!!


Since writing that post I have actually switched to Waitrose cottage cheese (full fat), and I have to say it is so far the ONLY British cottage cheese that I can eat plain! I don't, but I could. I still consider Polish ones to be far superior (the texture is completely different), but this is something that I can actually eat.



Coming from Mr. dances with the stars? LoL


ha fair play - i've never tried the polish stuff so i cant comment


I use it and love it: mixing some choco casein with peanut butter and milk makes for a pretty delicious shake.

On another note, has anybody else seen research about casein and cancer? I thought I saw something a while ago but can't remember if it was that or something else...


Cottage cheese and Casein before bed helps me sleep deeply. 1 cup cottage and a 20 gram scoop of Optimum Nutrition casein...mix, enjoy and sleep(recover).


I like to use milk protein isolate, its 80% micellar casein and 20% WPI, I use it because it's like about 2 bucks cheaper per pound than casein


i microwave 10 egg whites and throw it in the blender with 2 scoops of casein. Does the trick


casein is like 2x as expensive as whey. is it really worth it? cant you get the same result doing something like whey+fiber+fat to slow digestion?


German/Austrian Quark. Creamy and sweet as yoghurt, has 12-16 grs of prot/100g, with very little fat (0.2-2 grs) and some lactose. ^^


And drink it?

Never thought of that.....

could be on to something very good.....



Yea drink it. Its extremely conveinient instead of choking each component down seperately. Do same think for the morning shake: 10 microwaved egg whites, 1C oats, and scoop of whey for flavor. I add like 8 peices of ice because the whites are way hot.

Try it, takes about 2-3min.



I've used casein protein for months in the past and after not using it since January this year and replacing it with a meal I've made better gains.

If you can manage to have a lean protein source veggies before bed, do it. I don't think casein is worth it.