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Casein post-workout??

I was wondering if casein has a place in postworkout nutrition. My train of thought being that casein is slowly digested creating a sustained release of amino acids in the blood, which would have a lasting anti-catabolic effect. It seems that this combined with a big insulin spike could be beneficial, Maybe not though, I’m a huge fan of Surge, I am just thinking about different ideas. JMB or Cy, any thoughts?

you may want to check me on this, but adding casin to post workout would slow down the insuline spike, due to the fact that is a slowly digested protein. That’s why Surge uses hydrolized whey as its protein source since it is already partially digested, and absorbes faster and increases rather than impeades the insuline response.

There is absolutely NO place for casein in the “perfect” post-workout nutrition, unless you’re talking about a couple hours after the workout.

Greg & Choad: This would not be the case if they used HYDROLYZED casein. If the casein was Hydrolyzed it would be absorbed just as quickly as whey. In fact the study that is used to prove the benefits of casein over whey (lower bodyfat, greater increases in muscle mass in the casein group), used Hydrolyzed casein and Hydrolyzed whey. This means the beneficial effects of casein were not due to its slow digestion, but probably due to caseins Amino Acid profile.
Why don’t they use it then in a post workout drink then???
Because saying it tastes like shit is an understatement!!! Hydro casein tastes like a milkshake compared to it. Combining these proteins into one drink would probably be the best way to go.

I believe Mr. Berardi has stated that the amino acid profile of hydrolyzed whey is superior to that of hydrolyzed casein for post-workout. Hydrolyzed casein perhaps is a good fit in the post-surge meal, or maybe even in the 1st meal upon wakening in the morning. Just my 2 cents.

I think whey is preferred over casein partly for it’s higher BCAA content, which are the most needed aminos after a workout.