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Casein or Whey?

I am a beginner, trying to lost a lot of fat and gain lean muscle mass. Which protein would be better to use? Casein or Whey?


whey first thing in the morning/after workouts, casein for meal replacement shakes and especially before bed.

It depends on timing. Whey is faster digesting than casein, so post workout it is great. Casein is good for pre-bedtime. Hydrolized whey and casein absorb extremely quickly when compared to their normal iterations. Micellar casein is absorbed the slowest. For fat loss I’d use some casein throughout the day to supplement your whole food meals and keep your blood sugar relatively even throughout the day.

Casein taste like sand

Thanks for the advice guys!

[quote]redgladiator wrote:
Casein taste like sand[/quote]

Used to get pushed in the sandbox as a kid?

I personally don’t mind the taste of Casein. I agree with the others, Whey = Post Workout, Casein = Pre Bed.


casein doesn’t really taste like sand, but it may have the feel of that in your mouth. it is more bulky, but i think it has good taste

Love the micellular casein. ON has it, or I’d suggest Biotest’s Metabolic Drive Low-Carb if you can afford it.