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Casein or Steak?

Everyone knows casein is better than the other milk proteins at night but what is better steak/beef or casein? I am guessing a whole food meat/protein source will digest even slower than casein. Anyone?

Are you actually comparing casein to steak?

A whole food with a relatively high fat to protein ratio like steak will digest slower than any protein powder.

No I know they are totally different I am just thinking whole food before bed will be more effective…

Why not have the steak and then the casein on top of it 30 minutes later?

eat the steak if you got the money

For my part, Jackie, whole foods before bedtime disrupts my sleep. I’ll even get bloody noses. (Anyone else experienced these problems?) I can’t tell you why all this happens. However, none of it happens if I take low-carb Grow before bed.

when i am tired of sweets (protein drink) i make myself 4 eggs boiled with cottage cheese, flax oil, and fiproflax

If you’re intent on preventing fat accumulation or maximizing fat loss, you want very little other than protein in your stomach at night when your metabolism is the most disposed to fat storage and that includes very little fat unless you’re doing serious Ketogenic dieting. LEAN meats, lowfat/no-fat cottage cheese, milk-based/casein-based protein powders in water or some combination of these are all good choices for the last meal of the day.

Solid food also uses more resources to digest, potentially reducing your effective sleep.

Brian, what’s your rationale for this? Protein has the insulin response, not fat, and insulin sensitivity is very low when sleeping.